Sunday, August 26, 2018

Missy and Unca Ginger

As last week, I'm still doing the posts for Ambrise. i think he's enjoying his break: Thandiwe (my house lady three days a week) says he makes for the dairy every morning and spends all day there. Well, he obviously knows a thing of two, does Ambrose!

Two days ago I couldn't immediately spot Missy and when I went into the bathroom, I found she'd discovered the dripping tap! 

Fascination is...
 Now ginger is keeping an eye on the young one!  
Ginger with his catnip mouse! 

Have a great Sunday! 


  1. I always enjoy watching your babies through your camera lens. I see they are loving the space heater also.... I wonder if Ambrose is getting free milk?

  2. Hello, cute images of Missy playing with the water dripping. I am glad Ginger and all the kitties are getting along. Cute photos. Enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  3. What fun to have a dripping tap to play with.

  4. Cats seem to go for a slowly running stream of water like that.


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