Sunday, December 1, 2019

A move and a countermove

Hello everyone. Thanks for the kind words of welcome and celebrating my regained health. 

As soon as I was able to undertake an extended road trip, I traveled up to Marquard where my furniture and household goods have been stored for the past three years. I had planned to stay for four days - in our old home which Angus and Amanda now occupy. 

With the help of my old houselady Emily, we repacked cartons and dusted off furniture in no time at all. Within the day I'd set aside for it, we had completed the task.  Rather than being a traumatic occasion, I found that finally ending our 24-year stay in Marquard, I found it brought closure rather than being an emotional ending. 

I took Emily and two carloads of furniture and items to her house in the township. Arriving there, her teenage grandson, Karebo came out to greet me and help carry the goods into their home. All-in-all a successful project completed and it was good to reconnect with my dear Emily again.

I spent every afternoon with my 91-year-old MIL, Pam who still lives in my unit in the care-assisted retirement home in Marquard. I sorted out her large-digit, loud ringing cell phone which my BIL had bought her two months ago. She had somehow activated the silent function and members of the family told me they were not able to get her.  Since Grant's death two years ago, she's not had television. The next day I visited the retail store which sells packages featuring several dozen channels and bought a suitable one for her. That night, Angus installed it for her. She insisted he set it on SABC 2 and to leave it there.  So much for the extra view channels!

Pam (MIL) and me, on my recent trip to Marquard 

On Saturday Angus and Michael (the kind friend who stored my stuff) loaded everything onto Angus' trailer and the cartons into the back of his doublecab pickup truck. Angus stored these in his garage. 

(Michael on the left, Angus on the right) 

My life in transit! 

The next weekend Angus, Amanda and children brought my furniture down to the farm and at the moment with all the cartons [fortunately] unpacked, my life is standing on my cottage veranda. 
One of the many, many pieces which adorned my home during my married life. These and many others are awaiting being sold 

The beautiful pine desk which Grant handcrafted for me way back in 2008, is under this laptop as I type. My oak sideboard, three cabinets and my trousseau kist are in my bedroom. Storing linen, several dinner services, glasses, casserole bowls, teasets and a cutlery canteen. I'll put these up for sale in due course.  

Meanwhile I continue to work at the four jobs that I do to keep going. 

This week it was the second anniversary of Grant's death. Having coffee with Estelle and Steve (artists/owners of the Art Box which I managed for two years until April this year) I said that I was relieved it's NOW and not two years ago. I feel as if I've come several thousand miles in forging ahead to succeed. And I'm thankful that I am still able to do these things. 

Last year, the first year of Grant's passing, Steve (who doesn't take commissions) did a beautiful painting in oils for me.  He said it was a pleasure and an honor to paint his old friend.
Grant Hedges 16/02/1951 - 27/11/2017

All the while the monolith peaks tower over the Valley. 

Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peak taken from my family holiday home 



  1. Wow love that oil painting of Grant, you must be delighted. Glad you are getting sorted out. Take care and do not overdo things. Diane

  2. You have had a busy time of it but also a lot of help thank God. I'm so glad this part is now over and that you will be able to sell some stuff and use some stuff. I know from my own experience that unsorted stuff in boxes and storage is weighing on the mind (I'm still slowly working through mine!). I'm also glad you had time with Pam and were able to help her with phone and television. God bless you for that my friend. Last but not least, I very much enjoyed the pictures of the mountain enveloped by the clouds. It would be nice to see it in person some day. The Lord only knows if and when. Hugs. xx

  3. the views from your holiday rental are amazing and should help sell the desire to stay there for a few days or longer. the painting of Grant is perfect and beautiful. I am so happy for you that you could spend time with family in Marquard and also close out that chapter of your life, plus having your treasures with you now.. glad to see you back on line

  4. You have been hugely busy, and I am very glad to hear that you are in a good space. And yes, echoing Diane. Take it easy - as easy as your nature will let you.

  5. What a wonderful painting that is of Grant. Sounds like you have been very busy.

  6. The painting of Grant is absolutely beautiful. He did a fine job painting it. Glad things are getting sorted with a little help from your friends. The photos with the mountain surrounded by clouds is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week, Jo and don't work too hard.

  7. Seems like you are moving on with life.

  8. Quite a gift, that painting of him.

  9. What a lovely painting to be given to you. Take it easy. Moving can be very stressful.

  10. My goodness what a lot of work to carry all the furniture to your actual home. Couldn't you sell it in Marquand ? Is probably a stupid question. I want to sell our house next year, for different reasons. Fortunately I am not holding on things I could threw out everything buy new once and start all new. I don't care about furniture. I bought a new TV furniture, I got depressed each time I watched TV. 50 years in the same furniture is enough !

  11. Well Jo you have been busy sorting things out, it's a good feeling to get organised. I love that your old houselady also had memories of her time with you to keep, I think only people who live and grow up in Africa realise that quite a bond developed there. Going up now to read latest post 💙


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