Sunday, December 15, 2019

I'm here!

Dear fellow Bloggers. I'm .here with an update on my life in the past two weeks since my last post.

As always, I'm working but it's always at what I enjoy. I manage holiday accommodation; I sell a skin care product - I have five consultants selling for me and I also have several dozen personal clients; I run four lifestyle /weight-management groups a week. Since I started Weigh-Less in October 2018, these have grown in membership from 18 to 80.  I work three mornings a week in the farm office across the lawn from my home.

Since posting about moving my furniture from Marquard to the farm in Winterton, I have arranged the furniture beautifully on the veranda. The two chairs which the farmer's son had stored in my home for two years, are on the veranda. And boy, do the cats LOVE them and the other furniture to lie on.

 Our beautiful Indonesian Teak patio suite which we used regularly on the patio in Marquard

It's up for sale at a rather high price so no serious takers yet. Meanwhile I eat breakfast here; I fold linen here; I process my make-up sales here and I also work on the laptop here during the day.

Of course, I have all my furbabies around me...

 Chappie and Missy on the old armchair
 Ambrose' favourite spot since I upturned this Provençale chair onto a higher chunky chair. This was his reaction when I told him my blog is up and running again and he'll have to hone his journalist skills for the Pets post.
 Mama is my right-paw help when I work at this table

And now... taaa-daaa…

Finally after three years, I managed to have Skabby shaved. He is not lightweight and I called in my neighbour's daughter, Jenna's help. She's a teacher at a private girls' school in Pietermaritzburg and is home on holiday. Between her, Thandiwe and Joyce (Ron's house-lady) they held his torso and nether regions. I cradled his head (he's terrified of getting into a car) and we loaded him into Jenna's parent's SUV. She and I drove to a destination about 5km where the traveling dog groomer had set up his parlour. Skabby was booked in for 10am.

When we stopped there, jumped out and I leashed him up. The groomer's Zulu assistant took Skabby and caged him. They told us to be back in an hour or more. Jenna and I had coffee at the Waffle Hut and at 11.30 we drove back to the parlour. He still wasn't ready and the groomer's assistant told me to wait in the car. If they dog saw me, they have a problem holding him still. This goes for all dogs and owners.

Finally he was ready and the groomer and two assistants loaded him into the vehicle.

What a relief for the boy. Being bred initially for Canadian weather, the poor dog has struggled in our heat with a double coat. He looks like a seal and is really so much more comfortable now.

Isn't he beautiful?



  1. Hello! I found your blog from another blogger I follow. I don't own any pets but always enjoy seeing pictures and reading how much joy they bring to others.
    I can imagine sitting around your beautiful table and sipping something icy and cool. Although where I live I would probably prefer some hot chocolate. :)

  2. so happy so see your gang online. and yes my sweet Skebenga looks wonderful and beautiful.. I love Amrose LIONE ROAR.. ha ha… your sweeties are happy and that makes yu happy... hope your table sells soon, at least you have a wonderful desk while waiting which allows for work and lounging cats

  3. He looks handsome ~ looks like a lab ~ YOU are one busy woman ~ so glad to hear from you and wishing you well and hugs to you and your fur persons ~ (one a little lighter now) ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores ~
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. You are super, super busy and I am glad you enjoy it.
    That shave does look good, and if it makes him more comfortable it is a huge win.

  5. He looks fabulous with his hair shaved down. Glad to see you back but realize you are one very busy woman. Glad things are going good for you. I see that you got the paw approved furniture. They must love it and probably wondered why it took so long. :)
    Things are going good here, getting ready for the holidays.
    Have a wonderful evening, Jo.

  6. I am happy that you are back ! Skabby looks beautiful like a labrador. I think we have a lot to tell each other, I also had a rough time, with Ric's broken hip !
    Now the hip is OK but there are other things ...

  7. Aww, Skebanga looks great and I bet he feels better too.

  8. Nice to see you hear. Glad you got your furniture home. Soon you will have it all organized. Skabby is a beautiful boy and I'm glad he finally got a hair cut, lol. That way he can be more comfortable.

  9. Skabby looks super cool with his new haircut Jo 😎 You really have been busy over the last month, was exhausted after the read! Aren't the furbabies so chill, they just make themselves comfortable whatever's going on around them 😊 btw your header shot is a stunner!

  10. Love the teak table set and the location. You do stay busy but sounds like fun busy. Skabby looks so handsome. Glad you had help with that job.

  11. Skebenga looks fabulous. You sound as if you are a very busy lady. I also used to sell cosmetics in RSA I wonder if we sell/sold the same 😊😊 Take care Diane

  12. His coat looks smooth and comfy. Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas and New Year.

  13. My goodness how do you keep going with such a busy schedule. Its a shame to sell the outdoor furniture it looks so comfy and useful.

  14. You certainly are busy. Good to see all the furry little ones.


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