Wednesday, December 25, 2019

On the third year of Christmas

As happens this time of the year, we have many functions and parties. On Monday I stopped in at the farm office next door, at 7.30am. I found Ronnie, my landlady and employer, in her large farm dining room. After greeting me, she said: Jo, you're just in time to help make up the staff Christmas gifts.

She buys groceries in bulk and we set out 15 piles of candles, matches, soap, rice, sugar, dried beans, soya mince, sweets and more. Then we placed each into gift bags. Ron and John and Gavin held a braai (BBQ) for the workers at 5 that evening and they each received their presents.

Of course, that morning it was only 8.15 and Ronnie said why not go home and start our holiday! I had been invited to a birthday breakfast in the Valley, which I now could attend.

At midday I drove through to Winterton to set up for our year end Weigh-Less group / Christmas party. I take my hat off tot he 13 members who weighed in that day and who professed they were determined not to throw caution to the wind over the festive season.
 Our Christmas party

Two sisters flanking me - we were wearing Christmas headgear



  1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

  2. I love that your employers and friends do something special for their employees at Christmas and I'm sure the food gifts are a huge hit. Christmas is a special and wonderful time that makes get togethers that much more meaningful. Merry Christmas my friend. ♥

  3. so glad you got to attend both of the parties and everyone looks great and HAPPY.. I know the employees really enjoy those gifts..

  4. That was nice of your boss and you to make such gifts for the workers. Gla you had a good time at your weigh-less group. I wish now that I hadn't thrown caution to the wind over Christmas.

  5. All these festivities ! Now there is only New Year to come and then we go back to normal! It's about time !

  6. It sounds like you had a good Christmas.

  7. It sounds like you enjoyed yourselves.


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