Saturday, February 15, 2020

A very pleasant week

This week marks Valentine's Day and since I've been around, I've had a birthday on 13th February! 
This year I was spoiled even more than past years as a widow in this Valley. 

For my Weigh- Less group on Tuesday, I invited the members to stay behind after the lecture and enjoy legal treats with me. Jill, my wonderful Group Assistant, made her yummy corn fritters. I like to make the apple banana bran muffins which are "legal" for Weigh-Less members. Having several new members, they were intrigued that they could enjoy crackers and hummus; and these other baked goodies.  

On Wednesday, several members joined me for my birthday celebrations in Estcourt; a town 40km from my home. 
 On Thursday, I arrived at the hotel where I run my second Thursday group. When I arrived in the cane lounge, there was a milk tartlet on a dessert plate with a sparkler creating a very festive air. 
See moi in the heart-shaped photo in the center of this collage. Hotel owner, and friend, Shelley had instructed the manager to surprise me thus

A great week, heralding my new year. 


  1. Happy birthday young lady. You had some nice celebrations with friends and healthy foods. I am a member of a group of widows at my church, we named ourselves Widow Friends. There are 11 of us and we will have lunch together after church tomorrow.

  2. Many happy returns, seems we share our birthdays on the 13th only mine is in September

  3. Hello, Jo! I am so happy you had a wonderful and happy Birthday! It is nice to have so many friends around spoiling you. The muffin sound yummy! Have a great day and happy new week!

  4. It sounds (and looks) truly wonderful.
    Happy belated birthday.

  5. What a great week for you all!

  6. no just one celebration but 3, how could that be bad? Happy Belated Birthday. it is surprising what we can eat and still be legal... I love hummus on crackers. that is how we TOPS members Take Off Pounds Sensilby.. it is a slow process but works and stays off

  7. Happy Birthday though a bit belated. Have a good week, Diane

  8. Happy Birthday! How nice to be surrounded by so many lovely friends to celebrate with.


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