Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good fences, great walk

Last Saturday morning, Michael and I took a walk to the client camp. We'd heard that we may be able to beg some garden compost from the gardens behind their camp. I'd never walked along that way, so Michael accompanied me.

Michael and I walk to the client camp area

The flamboyant trees are beginning to bloom, really prettying up the town 

While Michael explained to the gate guard that we were looking for the company gardens behind the camp, I wandered over to the electric gate and took photos.

 The electric gate entrance to the client camp
The walls on either side of the gate, are heavily enforced with chipped rocks

Michael got no information from the askari, so we decided to walk around to the back of the camp ourselves. 
Michael and I walk on the outside perimeter of the camp. The mteti / reeds are topped with barbed wire which is electrified

Michael and I didn't find any gardens or compost behind the camp, but I did see the back of my friend, Jo-Anne's house. The previous Saturday, a large tree just topped over and landed on her roof. It smashed the reed fence as well. She says she was sitting in her spare room at her computer when she heard the bang; but thinking it was a mine blast, she just carried on working. Only when her husband came down the passage asking if she was OK, did she find out that their house had been hit by this tree. 
Michael stands on the tree trunk. You can see the new reeds which were replaced last week. Fortunately Jo-Anne still has a large steel frame next to the house, which used to hold a water tank. This took the brunt of the tree's weight    
I'm linking my post to Good Fences, Thursday which is hosted by TexWisGirl and which you can access by clicking here

And now for the puppy update: Day 22.

As of Tuesday night, Princess isn't sleeping in the hut with the pups. She lies next to Zechariah and although the pups cried a little last night, they soon realized they had had enough milk when she fed them earlier and had each other for warmth and comfort, so they slept through the night. Early yesterday morning, Zechariah opened the door to the pups' hut and Princess climbed inside. She checked all the pups were there, lay down and gave them breakfast. 

Every morning as the sun rays reach the enclosure and after lunch, Michael and I take the pups out of the hut and socialize with them. Princess is getting better at permitting us to do this!
 Princess inspects each pup as Michael brings them from the hut

I soaked half a cup of cat pellets in warm milk and gave it to the pups. They lapped it up. Later a friend e-mailed me to say that I should be careful giving dogs cat food and vice versa. (Thanks my friend!)  So, armed with this knowledge,  today I will cook the pups oats porridge and dilute it with warm milk and feed them that. In this way, I'll prepare their delicate digestive systems for the ugali/maize meal which is cooked with meat bones in the Guest House for all the company dogs.

 The pups lapping milk and biscuits with Princess watching carefully
The pups approach the new food

And then there were four
And then the plate was invisible!  
Michael used a damp cloth to wipe the milk from the pups to avoid flies settling on them in the hut
We returned them to the cleaned hut and new nappy (which they christened immediately!) and soon they were fast asleep



  1. Those trees are beautiful all aflame with colour. I wonder if the flaming colour is where Isaac Dineson got the name "The Flame Trees of Thika"? The pups grow ever cuter and I see Princess is getting back a measure of her life while still looking after her pups. xx

  2. The brilliant red on those trees is almost blinding. I think those pups are growing every day.

  3. Amazing vibrant red flowers on that tree. pups are really doing well

  4. Hello Jo, I love the beautiful tree. The blossoms are gorgeous. Wondrful update on Princess and her pups.. They seem to be doing more each day.. Have a happy day!

  5. i like your photo of the electirc gate, very nice gate and photo. glad you showed the reeds, this is my first time seeing a reed fence. yikes on the electric wire and Michael standing on the tree so close to it. glad your friend was not hurt.. you already know i love those pups... they just get cuter by the day

  6. i like the reed fence and the stone walls, too. sorry you never found the gardens, and glad your friends' house was not damaged further! (thanks, in advance, for linking in!)

    such sweet pups! i just love how michael tends to them!

  7. Greetings to you, and those adorable pups. Beautiful fences, and all of your photos as well, thank you for sharing them.

  8. I forgot to mention in my last comment, I especially like your photo of where the stone meets the wooden fence! Lovely captures.

  9. What an interesting photo report!
    Since I can be astonished and the little fur noses are particularly adorable
    Visit you by Good Fences

  10. What a long straight road you walked down. Those trees are sure pretty and I find the reed fencing very interesting. The electric gate was neat to see as well. How fortunate for your friend that the tree didn't hit in the room she was in. Still pretty scary. - Again the puppies are so cute and cuddly looking.

  11. What a lovely road!
    Love all the pups...too cute!

  12. Look forward to puppy pics.

  13. Such cute puppies!

    I know all about having a big tree fall on the house. I'd show you a picture, but my brother has sworn me to secrecy.


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