Saturday, March 28, 2020

A cute new critter on the farm

Hi my precious blogger friends and Eileen. This week a cute new little critter - a pup - arrived at the farm. Ron and John, my neighbors, landlords, and friends acquired a dog. 

 Meet Dot! 
 Ron with her new baby! 
 Cuddled up for a nap 

Dot is a beagle x Jack Russel. She was one of a litter of 13 pups. Derry, Ron' s second oldest granddaughter, living on the other side of me, has a brother to Dot.

 Junior, above is Ron's son, Gavin's dog. She is  the adult version of Dot and the other little doggie now residents on the farm 
Junior following her dad up the farm road 

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  1. precious pup, you know how I love puppies.. kiss Skabby and the kitties from me.
    we just got back from our walk, when we got to the turnaround, we heard weird loud noise. I tracked it down and a line of 4 trash cans one was rocking on its rollers, and the lid popping up and down. Big had a fit and laid down and would not walk. we new it was a critter and used treats and dragging by handle to get Big back home, went back and bob used an ax handle to flip the lid. nothing came out, he peered down into the trash can and a half grown raccoon was peering up at him, the thing was too deep for it to get out. Bob tipped the trash can over half way and the terrified baby fled off into the back yard.what an adventure. we hope he wasn't in there all night.

  2. Hello, Dot is a sweet puppy. Junior is handsome too. Cute photos. 13 puppies, that is a big litter. We are told to stay home too! Take care and stay well! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, happy weekend! PS, thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. Hello. What a cute little puppy!

  4. A very cute new resident. Love those floppy ears.

  5. What a precious puppy! It's a great time to have a pet to enjoy and spend time with! Take care!

  6. What a sweet and precious pup! Enjoy your new sweetie pie!

  7. Isn't Dot a little darling, she's so cute.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jo.

  8. Hi Jo. Dot is simply gorgeous. I can see she is set to become a real favourite. Yes, we are on lockdown,very restricted travel - families only. Plus shopping, chemist and that's about it. sad days but we'll come out of it soon I hope. Stay safe.


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