Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hedges pets practice social distancing

Mom's dear Blogger friends. This is Ambrose. Although we kitties and Skabby don't know what social distancing is, yesterday some of us seemed to be practicing it. Mum was talking about a global pandemic.

*Sigh* I wish Unca Shadow was here to explain THIS to me.

One of the rules the authorities have set in place is for humans to keep their distance from each other. They are also not allowed to hug or touch each other. Phew. I am pleased that this isn't the same for us. Mum has been stroking and cuddling us all our lives. We'd hate to be distanced from her now. 

What humans don't always realize is that we animals always keep a respectful distance from another unless we really are friends and like to cuddle together.  This way we respect each  other's space. If we bumbled into another without permission, we are hissed at. 


  1. That is a fun talk on a very serious world wide situation.

  2. Hello, I am glad you are all doing well there. Cute photos! Hugs to all!
    Have a happy day!


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