Saturday, August 28, 2021

Winter weather update

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. It is snowing in many parts of South Africa and especially in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province where I live, Durban, a city on the eastern seaboard has had SNOW this afternoon. First time in living history. 

Reports of snow from all over are coming in on the social media. Here in the Central Drakensberg, the weather gone from very cold this morning, to very very cold this afternoon and to icy this evening. The mountains are not visible but as soon as the cloud disperses and the sun appears tomorrow morning, I shall be photographing it!

Snow on the offramp leading to the National Freeway in the Southern Drakensberg 

I know snow is commonplace in Europe and North America, especially Canada where my darling Skabby is bred, but for South Africans, snow holds a really great fascination. So I ask you to bear with me as I post about this unusual phenomena in our country. 

Enjoy your Saturday! 


  1. I feel just as you do about snow. I rarely see it, and it excites me when I do. Looking forward to seeing your snow capped peaks.

  2. One wonders what Skabby and the cats think of it.

  3. It does not snow where I live in California, and I miss snow, as we had plenty of it in Wisconsin, where I grew up. So I understand your fascination with rare snow in South Africa.

  4. OMG, in Durban? Wow! I'd expect it in the Drakensberg. Saw pics of snow in Nieu Bethdesda. Look forward to your photos. Be safe out there.

  5. Snow Q! In Africa! Who would have believed it.

  6. Wow! As a foreigner I would also think the snow is unusual or at least having it snow all over your country. I know it snows on the mountains. When is your winter over? By the way, I didn't know that Skabby was bred in Canada.


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