Sunday, August 8, 2021

A different walk with Skabby

 Dear Blogger friends. Last week as I picked up my camera from my desk, I spotted a movement under my office chair. Turning on my camera and zooming in, I saw it was a spider. The image isn't very clear as I didn't want to disturb it by going down to eye-level with it; the carpet is also brown and didn't help to show up the spider. I took several photos and then walked to the kitchen cabinet to fetch a glass. I always scoop insects and especially spiders into a tall glass and take them outside - and release them. 

However, when I bent down under my chair, the spider was missing. I searched the surrounding area but no spider. 

The one that got away! 

Out in my garden, I snapped a Fork-tailed drongo on the T-piece of my washing line

The heavy summer rains played havoc with the bridge on the farm as well. The Little Tugela, which runs through the farm burst its banks several times during January and February. The debris, trees, branches and other flotsam caused damage to the bridge. Ron described how John and his workers where rebuilding the bridge and strengthening for future weather in the summer. She urged me to walk down there when I take Skabby on his daily walk.

Which I did...

The distance was much further than our daily meander to the dam but as always Skabby LOVED the extra romp.

On the bridge with stone chips and heaps of sand as the farm workers and John continue to repair the bridge

Not long and Skabby was in the shallow water!
And dashing back up the road where we had come from 

And as always, I panned the river and banks for birds
I spent many minutes aiming for a decent shot of a Reed Cormorant on a rock in the middle distance 

While I was photographing the cormorant, several birds flew low over the water near me skimming the surface. Try as I might, I could not capture on on camera! 
When I downloaded the next photo of the cormorant, I saw a ghostly image of the same birds which I was unable to photograph. 
Reed Cormorant on its perch with a fuzzy image of a swift in the corner of the photo! 
This is the cormorant's regular perch, as can be seen by the white marks 
on the rocks 

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  1. I would never be abel to sleep knowing that thing was in the house. I much prefer beautiful Skabby over the spider...

  2. Hello, Jo
    I am sure Skabby enjoyed the longer walk and the swim in the water. Skabby is a great walking companion, so cute too. I hope the spider finds his way outside. Great shots of the Cormorant and the Fork-tailed Drongo. I see swallows here flying low over the water catching the bugs. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  3. I love all of your critters and hope the spider found its own way outside.

  4. Skabby seems to love getting in the water.


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