Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Ceiling update

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. Brian and John with the help of four of the farm employees have finally managed to get the ceiling boards in. It took the whole of Wednesday and I suspect that Brian, who is 74 and John at 77. are feeling muscles that didn't previously exist.

On Friday they will complete the job by adding the cornices and securing the strips between the boards. Tomorrow, in the interim day, dear Thandi will be trying to clean the carpets and wipe the surfaces of rubble and bits of board and old white paint. 

Brian up on the supports and John holding the T-piece against the ceiling board
Everyone was on hand to help. Farmer John as foreman, is fluent in Zulu which helped tremendously to get the job done



  1. It will be nice when finished. they look a bit dangerous up there.

  2. Happy Wednesday to you! It is nice to see your ceiling being fixed. Kudos to John and Brian and the farm employees. Have a great day!

  3. looking good and you have really smart workers there. I will show the T thing to bob since he and I have to fix our similar problem in the garage. I can hold the T, and hope he will not fall off the ladder. we are 78 and 86 YIKES

  4. Well done to all the workers. I've been doing a lot of small renos/repairs these past few weeks. I'm very slow and I'm certainly feeling it in my (non-existent) muscles. Once the ceiling is fully repairs you will feel a lot better.


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