Sunday, September 3, 2023

Another double walk weekend!

 Dear Blogger friends. My cleaning and prepping at The Bunker  worked out well this month. Guests are already in and settled by Friday, so Thandi and I complete all on a Thursday. I have belonged to the Valley ladies workout class since its inception in February 2019. While I was managing Steve and Estelle's art shop in the shopping center, it was easy for me to attend the hour-long session from 7.30am and then still open the shop at 9am. 

However, from June that year, I started working on the farm for three mornings a week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  I have Friday's free and if I don't have to clean and prep for guests, I am able to attend the class, which on that day of the week, always takes place outdoors and is followed 5km walk. 

Now this is an exciting new place Mum has brought me for walkies!

This past Friday I took Skabby along to the ladies walk. Estelle and I walked together with the boy straining at the leash! When we were a distance from the main tarred road, I let him off and he ran around, joyfully sniffing at all the exciting new smells. On the return walk I clipped his leash on again and when we ended back at the starting point, he happily jumped into the back of my car. 

Me and Estelle after our walk

Estelle and I arranged to me at a cafe in the shopping center for a cup of tea. Estelle's SIL Barbs, is the manager at this eatery. We sat outdoors so Skabby was able to join us! 

Barbs provided water for Skabby. He drank two of these big bowls 
and then lay quietly at my feet while we had our tea

Come Saturday morning, which is Parkrun day, I leashed Skabby up and into the back of the car he went. No flies on this dog. Have walk, I'm in!

Skabby and I restarted Parkrun on 12 August this year. Our time that first day (which was my Parkrun #101!) was 53minutes. The next two weeks we managed to cover the 5km in 52minutes, 16 seconds. Last week in 50minutes, 22 seconds. 

On Saturday, as we started out, I could feel Skabby's bristling energy at the end of the leash. And by chance (or perhaps because of a formal walk again on Friday) I felt ready for a good walk. We finished in our best time since my injury and his hot-spot issue. 
Today we clocked in at 48 minutes. Whoohoo! 

I'm so grateful we have an event like Parkrun where there is no pressure to overexert yourself.  I'm also grateful that after my cracked knee surgery, I am able to regularly walk 5km every weekend. Twice!



  1. Wow that is a good time for 5k. It takes me 60 mins for 4k. I need a Skabby. How did you get your knee better. Bill's is still sore. He does Physio exercises but I don't think he exerts himself enough.

  2. Hello, Jo
    It is great you and Skabby are able to do these walks. Well done! Cute photos of you and Skabby! Take care, have a great day and happy new week!

  3. I am so happy you can take Skabby with you and you both look slim and trim and wonderful and HAPPY... good job on the 48 minutes. I am impressed

  4. A fun event, great exercise for both you and Skabby. Treat points for Skabby.:)

  5. Oh my, I am already tired reading your post ! so much running around ! Of course Skabby is a happy dog ! Rosie wouldn't be, she prefers her 21 h sleep ! Pay attention to your knee and don't overdo it ! Knees are so fragile !

  6. I'm so glad Scabby goes with you so often! He's one lucky little guy!


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