Monday, September 18, 2023

Meeting up with family

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. Thank you for your comments on my Crested Barbet sighting and also on my efforts to learn Zulu. It's ironic that I actually misspelled the word isiZulu in my title. It was a typo, and I cannot edit the title. Grrr 

Now onto my family meeting post. The world is small. When we move to the Berg, and Grant was building us a cottage in the beautiful private estate of Bergview, he had to have an electrician (for obvious reasons). Jody's services were very efficient, professional and well-priced. And although Jody was younger than our own children, he and Grant enjoyed a chat. I'm not sure how it came about, but Grant came into the shop and told me that Jody is the grandson of my maternal aunt Joan. I checked with Joan's daughter, Caroline who confirmed that Jody is indeed her son and Joan's grandson. 

Over the years, Jody, who is the Bunker owner's electrician, has given me good rates when I needed any electrics fixed here at my cottage. I also got to know his wife, Wendy, who runs the plant nursery adjacent to the restaurant where we do Parkrun. Many Saturdays, I'd stop and have a chat with Wendy. One New Year, Caroline was visiting Jody and Wendy and they invited me over for a braai (BBQ) at their home. 

Wendy, Caroline and me early January 2020

When Wendy's dad passed away at the end of June 2023, I met up with Caroline at the memorial service again. 

Cousin Caroline and me, at a memorial service in June this year

Last month Caroline let me know that she was using Jody's timeshare in an upmarket resort here in the Drakensberg. She said she was bringing her mom and would I come over and visit them. After my Weigh-Less meeting in mid-August, I drove across the Valley to their holiday chalet. 

Such a delight to see my Aunt Joan after 16 years. I remembered that the last time we had been together was at Angus and Amanda's wedding in 2007. Joan, at 83, although she suffers with rheumatoid arthritis, is a bright as a button and cheerful to boot.  

From a family of ten children, Joan and my 90-year-old-uncle, Chris, living in Cape Town, are the only surviving children. Joan is a raconteur of note and when I asked after the now deceased siblings, she regaled us with delightful stories of their childhood and later years, 

Caroline, Joan and me with the beautiful Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peaks behind us

It's so important to connect or reunite with friends and family, if and when the opportunity arises. 



  1. That sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you all.

  2. Hello Jo,
    Wonderful photos of you and your family. Any time spent with your family is time well spent. Take care, have a wonderful week!

  3. so glad you found out jody is family and that you could meet with your friends and relatives, our world is small but also very large when it comes to traveling. all of you look fantasic. I love your black vest outfit. you look fantasic

  4. Nice photos of you all. Time spent with family is priceless. Have a great week, Jo.


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