Friday, September 22, 2023

Meeting new friends

 Good morning, dear Blogger friends. Yes, we were spoiled by my dear sister and BIL while on holiday in Spain. Rose and Pete picked up all the tabs: all outings, restaurant visits, trips were gifted to me and Celia. With the rate of exchange, we surely appreciated this generosity. But as I know my sister, this is also the order of the day when her grown up family and teenaged grandchildren from the UK visit Granny and Oupa in Spain.

As we arrived home after our day at the Butterfly Park, Rose went straight into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Celia and I (two tired tourists) dived onto an electric recliner each, which we know as Lazy Boys. Within minutes Rose arrived with iced cold juice to keep us going until supper! 

The life of Riley!

Every morning, as we emerged from our respective guest rooms, Celia and I were greeted by an English breakfast, freshly baked croissants (all by Rose) and complemented with juice, which Pete had squeezed from Seville oranges. 

Absolutely 5 star.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, sliced fruit and croissants from the oven, were the starter to our breakfast feast! 

Then it was time to hit the town again. Rose and one group of her friends always meet on Fridays for a coffee and a chat.

Celia and I meeting Rose's lovely friends

Getting this group photo taken was quite a challenge.  At a table behind us were two men and a lady. Rose approached the table to ask if one of them would mind taking a photo of us. The men turned their backs on her; the lady, who seemed very shy, said timidly, she would take it but had never used a Smart phone camera before. You can imagine how we all assured her there was absolutely nothing to it. Rose showed her where the camera function was and said she would see the image appear on the screen. We ladies got into our positions, and with shaking hands, the lady pointed the camera at us. Lifting her chin and peering downwards at the screen, she frowned and pressed something with her fingers. 

We as a group relaxed. Our photographer, looking very stressed by now, asked Rose to check if she had taken the photo. She hadn't.

Rose opened the camera again and showed her where the shutter would appear which she needed to press.  Once Rose had returned to the group, we all posed again; the lady focused and pressed where Rose had indicated. 

Letting out a collective sigh, we ladies relaxed again while Rose checked. Taking the device from her, and nodding that she had done well, Rose thanked her, and she returned to her friends behind us. 

Rose whispered to us that she had activated the video function; we still didn't have a group photo! 

The trio behind us left and two young girls sat down at another table nearby. Rose asked if one of them would take a group photo of us. Once again, we ladies all sat up, sucked in our tummies and smiled.  Click!

We had our photo! 

Back home, when Pete returned from the office, he said he'd like to take us ladies out for dinner!

With our wonderful hosts, my sister Rose, and BIL, Pete. 

After a selection of dishes which we shared between us, the hostess brought us a decadent dessert

Hot chocolate brownie served with cream and ice cream. 
We shared this treat as well

The Saturday morning ladies. 

I was fascinated by Angie, the blonde in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous, she was flamboyant and oozed confidence. My eyes kept returning to a huge dress ring on her right index finger. I had seen displays of these rings in the market stalls. But starting at €25, these baubles were out of my budget. Later at home, I told my sister how I had admired Angie's ring, she went to her bedroom. She emerged carrying a small jewelry box placed on my lap.

Opening the box, my eyes boggled. 

Celia took two of the dress rings set with stones which left  eight rings. My sister told me to enjoy...
What a lovely selection of dress rings which I got to bring home!

That night Rose gave us an itinerary of the road trip she'd arranged...



  1. this is such a happy post, everyone smiling and wow on the gift of rings. you will have one or two to match every outfit you wear. so glad you could spend time with both of your sisters. about the blond. i get it. sometimes there will be a special person that just draws us in.

  2. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time. Life of Riley took me back. It is a phrase my father often used.

  3. Rosemary Swinbourn25 September, 2023 06:29

    Dearest Jo. Of all the happiest times in my life those two weeks spent with you & Celia must surely be right at the top !!! What a joy it was to spoil you & introduce you to our lovely friends. All I can say is " Come back ! xxx your loving sister, Rose 🌹


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