Monday, April 27, 2009

Prudence and Fresh Produce!

A selection of colourful, crisp, fresh vegetables which my husband buys from the market in Khartoum

My husband, who has to care and cook for himself while living in Khartoum, has mastered the art of shopping. I'm so impressed that he doesn't just buy directly from the large supermarkets in the city, which are very expensive. Instead he does what every prudent "housewife" would do: he shops around. He actually buys all his fresh produce from the market. Last week he sent me a photograph of the selection of vegetables he'd bought that day (which I've posted above) Now all I have to do is convince him to take a photo of the stalls / stall holders in the market, but he's not yet got to that stage...


  1. That fresh produce looks lovely! There seems to be a lot to choose from in Sudan. Here in Zinder, we're "out" of carrots as well as paprika, but thankfully, there are numerous green leaves!

  2. Yes Esther, he does have a much better choice of food than we had in Guinea. He has lovely fresh croisants daily and any type of cheese he wishes to buy; thanks for popping in. Hugs


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