Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Special Kind of Service

Welcome to the prettiest church in Africa!

This weekend I went down to Kwa Zulu Natal to visit my d.i.l. Debbie and my three grandchildren. The men had gone to the Mighty Men’s Conference (you can read about MMC08 here); we women and children spent three days of quality time together in the Drakensberg area.

On Sunday morning we attended a worship service at their church. This takes place at a holiday resort in the Champagne Valley of the Drakensberg. The building in which we attend church doubles up as a venue for functions as well. It is situated on a tranquil dam surrounded with mountains.

The church view with the majestic Drakensberg mountains rising up behind it

As we sat and waited for the service to begin, I noticed that many school boys were walking across the bridge to church . This is quite normal as the Drakensberg Boys Choir school boys often attend these services albeit only a few at a time. In order to clarify let me explain what the Drakensberg Boys Choir is.

The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir, South Africa’s singing Ambassadors, have a school set on a 100 acre estate in the central Drakensberg, was founded in 1967 and claims to be the only choir school in Africa. It is most beloved in South Africa and indeed the world.
The church is accessed by crossing the dam on a long wooden bridge
Since 1971 the Drakensberg Boys Choir has toured extensively, establishing an enviable reputation before audiences as far afield as the United States, Europe, Israel, Egypt and the Far East, and winning acclaim as the most outstanding group at World choir festivals.

The choir received a special award at Disney's Magic Kingdom in recognition of the pleasure they bought to American audiences, and at the request of the Vatican, sang at a Papal audience in the presence of 25 000 people.
The church has it own resident Speckled Pigeon
The boys’ choir had as its original vision to create a multi-racial, multi-cultural choir school to rival that of the Vienna Boys’, and that they have achieved. This possibly has much to do with the fresh mountain air the boys breathe based in the beautiful Champagne valley of the Drakensberg, and the enviable teacher-student ratio in a school that accommodates little over 100 boys. The boys are all aged between 9 and 15 and from various cultural backgrounds.

The mission of the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School is to prepare boys for life and leadership through excellence in music, academics, sport and social enrichment in a Christian environment.

The view from inside the church

At the start of Sunday's service, the Drakensberg Boys Choir rendered a beautiful prayer in Zulu (one of the eleven official languages in South Africa). Next the worship leader led the congregation in worship. I, who love music and serve on the worship team in my own church, delighted in the different voices around me.

After the pastor had welcomed us to the prettiest church in Africa, he delivered a powerful message on our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s no use knowing all the right things to do and say as a Christian if your relationship with the Saviour is lukewarm or non-existent. None of this has to do with what church you belong to; this service contained people from every nominal church in South Africa. The main thing is to draw close to Jesus and you will begin to walk in obedience to, and victory with Him.
A church elder ministers to the new converts after the service

The Drakensberg Boys' Choir singing a Zulu prayer

When the pastor made an altar call asking if there was anybody would like to commit their lives to the Lord, the whole school stood up and went forward. What an amazing sight. To see young men making the most important decision of their lives while they’re still fresh and unsullied brought a lump to my throat. I rejoice when I see young people choosing to serve God and I rejoice that it is so many LESS for Satan. Amen!

If you're ever in South Africa and in the Drakensberg area, be sure to visit the Drakensberg Boys' Choir. For further information click here

Note: I downloaded the last two photos from the Drakensberg Boys' Choir website.

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  1. what a lovely discovery to make on My World - a fellow South African blogger, one of similar convictions and we have both posted something about country churches on this issue of My world. Even more interesting that my post is about last week's visit to your part of the world - the Eastern Free State. We visited Clocolan but did not have time to turn off to Marquard. Will visit again! Eleanor at Thatchwick Cottage in Pretoria

  2. It certainly looks like the prettiest church. And from your description of the message, it has a beautiful spirit also. I've never heard of the boys choir, but now that I know about them, I'll be sure to go hear them if they visit my part of the US. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Sunday with us.

  3. Eleanor; Pleased to meet my first fellow South African blogger! Wow, I'll pop onto your blog shortly to see what you say about my beautiful world here in the Free State. Thanks for popping in. I'm really pleased to have you here. Hugs

    Clara; welcome and thanks for the lovely comments. Yes, the Drakensberg Boys Choir tour often (as you will see on their website) I've never been to see them although I've lived close to the school (well about 180 miles!) from the school for most of my life. This was the first time I've heard them. And yes, the church and people who worship there have a wonderful spirit. I'll pop onto your blog soon. Hugs

  4. Jo, this has got to be the most beautiful Church in one of the most breathtaking spots in Africa - wow, imagine getting married there ! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us all ....

  5. Yes it is, Lynda, the "arial" photo (taken fom the mountain top) is my dil, Debbie's and I forgot to credit her for it. The ambiance is amazing with all the water surrounding the church and the mountains visible through the window. Thanks for popping in Hugs

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  7. Hi Jo. How are you? I'm back. This is a very wonderful post. I'm glad to hear about the Lord's work in Africa. Thank you for sharing. Nice shots too.

  8. Hi Regina, welcome back. I'm glad to hear you again! Yes, God is so wonderful, miracles and testimonies of His love and grace are all around us. Thank you for your comment. Bless you.

  9. Very comprehensive personal post and such a beautiful part of the world.

  10. Hi Babooska, welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind words. Yes, South Africa is very beautiful.

  11. What a beautiful church! One would feel closer to God there. The choir is also so special. I'd never heard of them before, but I'd love to hear them.

    A lovely post, beautiful pictures.

    BTW: I've tagged you, hope you don't mind!

  12. What a moving experience! I am a supporter of children and try to take every opportunity to express their importance to "the church" here in the states. Thank you for the wonderful post. God Bless You

  13. I love the first's just beautiful. I love choirs singing in church, there is just so much spirituality going on when a beautiful choir sings in church. Really nice photos you took:)

  14. What a beautifully unique church looking so peaceful out on the water. And what a special treat to hear the boys choir.

  15. Dedene; yes you do feel closer to God out in nature like that. Of course you may tag me. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Redkathy; what a wonderful mission your have supporting the children's place in the church. Bless you for that. (((Hugs)))

    Marites; thanks for your kind comments and for popping in.

    Gaelyn; it is a special treat to attend that church and this weekend the boy's choir made it extra special. Thanks for popping in and commenting.

  16. what a beautiful setting for a church...just beautiful. and to hear the boys choir in this setting ...
    loved your shot of the cross.
    have a great week.

  17. Hi itsnotjustapicture; thanks for your kind comments. The cross was new this time (not there when I attended a service in this church at the end of February) It's very rugged and rough. Hugs

  18. What an amazing Church and even more amazing is reading the whole school went up at the alter call, wow I would have liked to see that! Must have been the boys choir with the angelic singing that helped.

  19. Hi Glennis ;) Welcome to my blog. Yes it was a really blessed sight to see. Thanks for popping in.


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