Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scenic Sunday

Free State farmlands in the transition from autumn to winter
A disciplined yet peaceful scene: fields of fodder neatly baled and set in rows
Last week I took impromptu photographs of early sun rays reflected on my pond. That evening I managed to capture the most beautiful sunset this season, playing out over my garden.

On the spur- of- the-moment, I decided to post the photos on Monday's blog. Well, it was the best thing I have done since joining the blogging world. My regular and loyal followers and fellow bloggers, Lynda, Dedene and Esther commented and complimented me on the photography. Esther also suggested that I join SkyWatch. I’d seen many links to this website but never gone onto it. Well, this week I did. Not only did I visit the blog, I signed up and I linked my post there and viola! On Friday I had a myriad of people reading my blog and commenting! Thank you to all who visited my blog this weekend.

Through SkyWatch I also linked to MyWorld and Scenic Sunday. Now I have a new label and will regularly post on each of the three links mentioned, probably on a weekly basis. South Africa in particular and Africa in general has the most beautiful scenery, skies and is My World! I love her dearly and want to show her beauty and wide open spaces to the rest of the world.
Today’s post portrays the results of one of the farming activities in the area where I live: hay/grass baling. In past years the farmer used to burn his grass but today he cuts it and bales it for winter feed for the cattle.

As you drive through the farmlands the scenes of hay bales neatly rowed in the fields, are one of the signs that herald winter in the Free State. I praise God for another season set in place by His hand; a season of rest; a season of cleansing through extreme weather conditions and yet a season of preparation for new birth we expect with spring.


  1. These are good shots. Thanks for sharing that side of the world.

  2. Excellent photos. Really nicely done
    Thank you for sharing, great photoblog :)

  3. Jo, your photography is always stunning. So glad you've posted some of it on other sites.
    Happy Sunday.

  4. Thanks Regina, that's a great compliment coming from someone with such a beautiful blog.
    llan, welcome and thanks for the kind comments.
    Dedene, thanks for always being so sweet. I had a very good Sunday, hope yours was enjoyable as well. Hugs

  5. Fabulous scenery, the hills are just gorgeous. I love seeing other people's worlds so thanks for showing me.

  6. Thanks for visiting my world, Gennasus;)

  7. Aw Jo, I'm so happy for you! Both Skywatching and My world is so much fun, and I really appreciated adding a little more structure to my blog! Skywatch gives me a reason to go for long walks when the sun rises and sets, and My World is reason to dig into just about anything, both present and past! With those two however, my blog is already full, lol! Wonderful pictures above, you make me want to visit South Africa as soon as you show me the landscape! It is soooo beautiful! Did Angie get to join you for the ride?

  8. Hi Esther, once again thank you for suggesting I log onto Skywatch. It's so true: I look out for special skies and cloud formations; especially sunrise/sunsets. Last Saturday I took part in and covered a quiz for a regional newspaper but before we started, I was out in the field photographing the sunset! Too beautiful. One of these photos features on my post tomorrow. I'm pleased when my photos and posts make people want to visit South Africa. You are welcome to come and stay here ANYTIME! Angie didn't come on the photo shoot of the hay bales (that was taken on a photographic course/weekend I attended)but she travels in the back of my little pickup everywhere I go here in town! Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  9. Lovely photo's, Jo - I especially like the first & last ones.

  10. Thanks Lynda, I've taken photos of hay bales in fields before only from the public road and the photos were not satisfactory.This time we had permission from the farmer to walk around his fields and take photos to our hearts' content! I took the last photo from a low angle by lying on my side. I was thrilled with the resultant image. Hugs

  11. Great photos. I've been meaning to take photos of bales of hay on my way to work but when I have my camera, there's none, when I don't, there's heaps ....

  12. Thanks, yes as I mentioned in my reply above, when you take these from the road above, the photos are not always too good... Hope you get the two together soon. Your photos are so brilliant, I'll look out for hay bales on your blog. Hugs


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