Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tea at the Cabin

The Cabin has a selection of temptingly displayed cookies and sweets

Whenever we feel like going out for a nice cup of tea (my hubby always opts for the plunger coffee) and the most delicious chocolate cake, we drive 35 km down the road to The Cabin, a farm stall on the way to Lesotho.

There is an eclectic array of wonderful gifts to choose from

Apart from scrumptious fare (they serve breakfast all day and have various snack meals on the menu which have evolved because the passing trade normally consists of travellers who don’t want to wait too long before eating), there is a gift shop which offers any and every type of gift you can think of: note books and pens, carved artifacts, embroidered tote bags, a selection of ladies' clothing, soaps, preserves, assorted nuts, dried fruit, honey, lavender sugar, olives and a plethora of sweets and biscuits.

The most popular items on sale are garden decorations made from rusted metal! Other very fashionable garden ornaments offered are made from sandstone. (Huge blocks are cut out of the hills in the area and sculpted into shape: bird baths, pillars, huge balls and the most delightful cats.)

Preserves, embroidered tote bags, framed mirrors and flavoured sugars are all wonderful gift choices

My son and daughter-in-law relaxing at The Cabin

One Saturday afternoon, while my husband was away at work, my younger son and his wife invited me for tea at the Cabin. While waiting outside, my son spotted new toys which the proprietress placed all over the lawn for children to play on. This day he decided to try out one of the new little carts parked up there. He pushed the cart up the hill on the property, got on and with a swift push on the ground with his left foot , he careened down the hill. Fortunately he's not very heavy and didn’t do any damage to the cart. He had great fun though!
Is a man ever too old to have fun?

As we left, we spotted a new feature the innovative owner of the Cabin has set up. She had life-size people made out of the rusty metal (there is an artist on the premises permanently creating things) A board next to the metal “family” stated “Take your picture”. In a flash my son and daughter-in-law went behind the frames, stuck their faces in the openings and posed for my photograph!

So even though it wasn't Tea at the Dorchester, we managed to have oodles of fun!


  1. Hello Jo,
    Lovely post. How nice to have a family-day out. The cakes look yummy too. Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, Jo. And you have a very handsome son and DIL, btw.

  3. Yes, Dedene, it is always a treat go on an outing with family. Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, Toni. Hugs Jo


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