Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scenic Reflections

An image which caught my eye when we visited Shongwa dam on Thursday evening

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Penny, to answer your question if the sunset photo from Friday was taken over Lake Victoria, the answer is no. The expanse of water in that photo and above is Shongwa Dam just outside camp Mwadui. I hope to visit Lake Victoria some time and will surely post about our trip to this African icon.

Ann, I wasn't sure whether you were asking what "Whatsapp?" is. If you were, it's an application on my new Nokia N8 Smartphone whereby you can "chat" to other people with similar applications on their mobile phones. My son has a Blackberry which uses the application BBM (Blackberry Messages) but to me (on Nokia) he sends Whatsapp? messages and images! 

Yesterday, the same son (IT manager for his company) sent me a "Whatsapp?" message from  Galaxy Note on his new Phablet, which is a cross between a phone and a Tablet. 

As I said, the wonders of technology! 

I hope you're all having a great weekend.


  1. Thanks for the answer Jo! I thought the camp where you are now located is just a little too far from the Lake to have a quick trip there. It's nice to have the dam for outings. It's always nice to sit and relax by water. I didn't forget about Whatsapp. Just been a little scattered.

  2. Hi Jo, as I was browsing after my latest post I saw this and have to confess I thought it was a still water Victoria Ziwa too! But it's lovely, those dams are great resources. We had one near Ismani in Iringa on the plains to Dodoma, can't remember the name now. But I loved Lake Vic, only shame it's not swimmable cos of schisctosomiasis (snail-borne infection, peeing blood is one of the signs - nasty!) better known as Bilharzia. I did swim once near Bukoba, they'd fenced off a portion of the lake but I wan't convinced, just felt better about letting the kids swim! Also I ate grasshoppers for the first time in Bukoba so I have a lot of memories of L. Vic.! That was in the Ssenene season when the grasshoppers swarm after the early rains around November. Delicacy I was assured, braced myself and ate the bush tucker! Like Prawns in texture if you really want to know! Hope all welll, have a good week,
    Love Catherine xxx

  3. Hi There, I love to 'try' to keep up with technology --but it's hard.. The 'app' world is awesome ---and even though we have some apps ---I'm sure there are TONS and TONS more which we don't know about yet.

    Great photo.

  4. I like the watery reflections!

  5. Love your watery reflection, Jo! Wonderful capture for the day!! Have a great week!


  6. What a nice picture ! I didn't know that you have a Dam so close ! I also had never heard the expression Whatsapp, but I know the application. Would work on my mobile phone too. I prefer Skype at least you can talk just if the person is in front of you. Don't you have that ?

  7. Love Ambrose (below post) and this reflection! Thats a Lot of water!!

  8. Beautiful reflection photo, Jo.
    Luv, K


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