Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday 14th...

...follows Friday 13th...

I'm not at all superstitious; I don't believe in Friday 13th or any other such stuff.  I didn't even know it was specifically that date yesterday.

However, as I stepped out of doors, I proceeded to experience one of the worst days in my life;  not at all funny, just plain downright awful. I managed to survive it and woke up quite drained and not ready for today. Durring the morning, I logged onto Blogger, read all your comments on my post (thank you!) and visited several other posts. Not least, was Gattina from Writers Cramps. Well, while reading her post on Friday 13th, I roared with laughter and felt heaps better afterwards. Please click on her highlighed blog name and read it. You will love it! 

I wrote and told her via e-mail how much I'd enjoyed it and also sent her the link below.

Note to self:  The next time this date comes around, I will take my bed to the excarpment on the mountains surrounding Keirio Valley in Kenya  - which I miss dearly - and stay in it until Sunday the 15th! (That's unless my dear friend Suze from Chebutie camp drives past. Then I'll join her in the car and we'll drive along slowly and chat while we photograph the Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, the Blue Monkeys, the monitor lizards and of course the multitude of birds around. How about it, Suze? Is is a date?)

Happy Saturday 14th and weekend to you all!


  1. Hi Jo, I blog hopped from Gattina's.

    Like you, I forgot about Friday the 13th. I woke up this morning to find it gone. I survived the unluckiest day of the year! Looking forward to the next. :D

  2. I only realise it was Friday 13th later when I phoned a friend to wish her a happy birthday. Yesterday went much as normal here :) Diane

  3. Hi Jo, like you, I am not superstitious, and like you, the day virtually passed without me realizing that is was Friday the 13th, lol. I'm glad to say that other than a slight headache from not going to sleep early enough the previous night, my day passed by peacefully and without issues. I'm glad Gattina was able to make you laugh. Blessings xx

  4. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day. I hope all is good now. I have already had a giggle at Gattina's post. TOH (the other half) had to have an artery scan on Fri 13th, luckily the results are not too bad. He has calcification in his calf arteries.

  5. Guess I missed it, yet again.

  6. I had a near-splendid Friday the 13th, other than reaching the apex of my cold. The best part of the day was the evening hours when 2 other women and I practiced 19 songs for our church's annual women's retreat. The 3 of us will be leading the singing times. I can't recall anything bad ever happening to me on any Friday the 13th. My son and his fiance (now wife) were able to reserve a resort hotel for their wedding in far less than the usual 12-months-in-advance because most people did not want to get married on the 13th of August. So, no, I'm not superstitious. God is in control and no matter what happens, I still will praise Him.



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