Monday, April 23, 2012

Baptism of fire

This is my first post on the new version of Blogger. I cannot see the icons at the top of my page (bold, italics and underline being just three of the list) so not too sure what to do next. I am going to try and upload a photo.

Oops, the only photos I could find in a hurry, were of cats. I wonder why?

OK so I posted this now and will check the preview and then post it for Monday. Hope you're all having a great week already, new blogger versions notwithstanding! 

Post Script: I'm getting used to the new version, but cannot work out why my posts don't appear as scheduled. I have the date and time correct but have to go in and post it myself (automatically) as I'm doing with this one. It was still in my post list with "scheduled" beside it... Anyone know what I should be doing? 


  1. I am used now, maybe I will still find some things later but for the moment I am quiet happy with it. I sent you a mail with the explanation for "Schedule" !
    When I see the picture I return to bed, yawn !
    BTW my post was scheduled for 6 am ! and worked.

  2. It's incredibly annoying isn't it, when something works, so then they need to fix it...
    Mine did the same, and 'encouraged' me to download Google Chrome because it might 'help'. Well yes it did, and all the bits that disappeared (like you) appeared again.
    Have been following your blog for a couple of years or so, by the way, and always enjoy your posts. I'm also a cat lover, having two of my own, and love going 'aaaaah!' at some of your pictures.

  3. When you select your date and time, did you press "done" at the bottom of the section? This will save it. Then look on your list of blog posts and see that it says "scheduled" rather than "draft".

    If all this is done properly and your post doesn't publish at the selected time, my guess is there is a "glitch" in rolling out the new interface and you will not be the only one experiencing the problem. Eventually it should get fixed or others in your part of the world (and in Europe) may be able to tell you how they are resolving the issue.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I didn't read your post carefully. It sounds like you did as I suggest and your confirmed "scheduled" post doesn't publish.If other bloggers you know can't help, you could try the Blogger help forum or this blogger who seems to help people with the new blogger interface. You will have to cut and paste his web address in your browser.

  5. I hate it and have gone back to old blogger, not sure it will let me carry on with it though!! Diane

  6. Great cat shot. Hope the blogger thing works out.

  7. Oh my, Jo! As for me - I just hang onto the old until I'm forced to make the transition. Everything on your blog looks good from here.

  8. Oh, that must be Ambrose. I just want to rub that cute tummy and listen to him purr.
    I'm sticking with the old version of Blogger as long as I can. When they tried to switch me to the new thing, all I got was a blank page.
    Anyway, this looks good. You have text, a photo, and a caption. Perfect!

  9. I had HUGE problem with the new blogger. I can't load the photos.

  10. I just today (Tuesday, April 24th) noticed the new version when I go to edit or make a new post. It's so different from what I've gotten used to !

  11. Cute photo! I'm having difficulty with the new blogger, too. I thought it was working fine in the old version....


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