Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back on Camp Mwadui

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and our travels and for the kind comments. Thanks for the commiserations re poor dear Puff, my black cat in South Africa. I, too am sorry about his death. Thanks again.

We left SA on Sunday 8 April, in the middle of the Easter Weekend. As we arrived at the airport, we found the hall packed with big, burly men in red! The Lion's Rugby Team was returning to Johannesburg after suffering quite a large defeat against the Free State Cheetahs. Of course, the night before when we heard the victory score of our favourite team, we were ecstatic. However, when I saw the beaten team the next day, I felt sorry for them and approached the captain, Josh Strauss. I  told him that he and the other Lions were most welcome in Bloemfontein and that I thought they played a good game, notwithstanding. (Ms Diplomat, me!) Of course, when I asked if I could pose with them for a photo, they readily agreed. You can read all our Josh Strauss and his famous beard here
Josh Strauss, (the bearded one), me and two other members of the Golden Lions rugby team. (I was fascinated to see how huge Josh Strauss is in real life)

We arrived back on Camp Mwadui, Tanzania, on Wednesday 11 April. The cats were ecstatic to see us; Ambrose and Shadow were all over the bed, climbing into the suitcase, hooking packets out with their claws,  while Ginger remained quietly on the dining room chair. I found the kitty toys we'd brought back from SA and gave each cat their present. Ambrose received a bird, Shadow's gift was a fish and Ginger had a toy mouse.
Ambrose clambered all over the suitcase and bed, playing with his toy bird from South Africa
Shadow contemplates his new toy, a fluffy fish!
When I gave Ginger his toy mouse, he ignored it. Later, when he thought no-one was watching,  I snapped him playing with one of the catnip mice we brought back in the suitcase

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wow, those rugby players are tall, burly men!

    It was cute to see your cats and esp. Ginger trying to act like he didn't care about his

  2. Ginger and Ambrose and Shadow look wonderful, Jo, but I'm so sorry about Puff. It is never easy, losing a pet, I know.
    We've also been away, and I haven't been very well since we got back. I'm as weak as a kitten (no offense, Ambrose) but I'm recovering.
    You look so tiny with the rugby players. Great photo. (My youngest brother used to play rugby before he took up martial arts.)
    Looking forward to more from you soon, and I've managed a few posts this week in spite of myself.
    Luv, K

  3. Welcome home, Jo.... That was a whirlwind trip..Sorry about your kitty in SA.

    Great picture of you with the 'losing' Rugby team...

    I know that your kitties are thrilled to see you home.

    Great some rest.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Wow ! that's a nice picture you surrounded by young Rugby players, lol !
    I don't know Rugby at all. The cats seem to be very happy with their new toys !
    Welcome back to the middle of nowhere !

    PS I like your scarf ! Looks so good on your pullover.

  5. Sorry to hear about your cat. these animals really get into ones heart! I loved the photos of the cat and mouse photos. hope that cheers you up.

  6. Your kitties are so cute. Ginger is a sly guy!

  7. Those Lion Rugby players are big and buff! You look tiny next to them.


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