Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leaving for the UK

Guys, I smell a rat. Our yoomens are packing their fur into small boxes - are they leaving us again?
Don't even GO there, Shadow. It doesn't bear thinking about!

Aw no! See my quivering lip! What will I do without my mom?

Here we are on the eve of our long-awaited holiday in the UK. I intended to post a complete itinerary but I've run out of time! This morning we drive to Mwanza (160kms from the camp) where we catch a flight to Dar es Salaam. We sleep over in the city tomorrow night and early on Wednesday morning we catch the BA flight to Heathrow. From there we fly to Manchester where we'll be collected by a Kevin, a friend from the gold - mines in West Africa. We spend the night and next day at his home. On Friday we drive back to Manchester where we board a ferry to the Isle of Man.

At this time of the year, this island is home to the TT races which have been going for 105 years. I've never been and am quite looking forward to the week.

When we sail back to the UK a week later, we'll motor down to the Shires for a reunion with friends who were with us on the gold mines in West Africa as well. The next stop is London where we're spending three days. My sister who lived south of London for twelve years, left for Spain exactly one week ago!

 We fly back to East Africa on 14th June. I pray you all stay safe and well until I return to blogging in Mid-June.



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  1. Hi Jo, Weren't you originally going to see your sister? That's strange that she left for Spain right before you all got there. What's up with that????

    Oh Well--sounds like you have a great trip planned anyhow... Have a wonderful time.


  2. Have a wonderful journey. Look forward to posts and photos upon your return.

  3. At last the time of travel is at hand. I pray you will have a safe journey but I too am a little confused as I thought you were going to visit your sister. Nonetheless it sounds like you have a jam packed itinerary and it will be lovely to see your photo journey. Blessings. xx

  4. enjoy!!!!
    the weather's good here at the mo!!!

  5. Hi Jo, sounds like an exciting trip have fun and safe travels.

  6. Oh no I'm going to miss your posts for even longer now. I have just arrived home and you leave. Passing ships in the night. have a great holiday. Looking forward to reading your adventures. Poor pussies.

  7. Stay safe but have a grand time!
    Can't wait for photos!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! Have fun!

    PS. Yes it's "THE Route 66" in my photo. :)

  9. Have a safe and happy trip!

  10. It's too bad you won't be able to see your sister, Jo, but the trip sounds like great fun anyway. May the Lord bless you and Grant and keep you safe in your travels.


  11. enjoy and take lots of pictures!

  12. They will certainly be happy when you come back ! I am finished with my suitcase tomorrow off to Tunesia !


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