Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back on Blogger!

Hello friends,  I am back on Blogger and back online. Not only did I travel from one country to another, I also had to get back into the swing of running the guest house (never mind unpacking, or resting, ha!). Come Sunday we had a 12-hour-long power outage - nothing new in these parts - so I didn't log onto my computer at all. 

However, on Monday when it seemed that the electricity would remain with us for a while (it did, it only went off for six hours this time - and that over lunch too!), I decided to sit down at my laptop and get back into blogging, replying to e-mails and so on.

Imagine my horror when my trusty Nokia Smartphone, which doubles as the perfect (and only) effective Internet modem I'm able to use here, suddenly my phone's settings died on me. Yip, that's it. It seized up completely. I could use my phone for phoning (doh), sending text messages, for CHAT's, applications, maps, shopping online, banking, the time and an alarm clock, and to take photos and videos. I just could not do ANYTHING that pertained to "settings": profile, themes, phone (the unit), connectivity etc.  I sent Wessel a frantic message where he is on holiday in South Africa and he suggested I turn the phone off, turn it on, and try again. (the experts call this re-booting)  Only thing is I couldn't turn the phone off! No matter how hard or long I depressed the power button, it would not budge. At once stage I even brought in a small screwdriver and then thought I should rather not, as I could ruin a perfectly good and pricy cell phone. In desperation I decided to allow the battery to run down, it would turn itself off and I could then "reboot" it. 

At midday yesterday, my phone started to show the message: "Battery Low". The second time I saw the message, I thought I'd try the power button once more. Imagine! It turned off the phone! I then turned it on again, connected it to my computer and voila! The USB connected icon showed on top. Phew! I was connected!

So here I am wishing you all a very Blessed Christmas season. We had a wonderful Christmas day here on camp which I will post about. Meanwhile I thought I'd post a few photos of the beautiful Christmas decorations in the Sea Cliff hotel, Dar Es Salaam, where Grant and I always stay over traveling to and from site. 
 The walkway between the hotel and one of its two restaurants

The sight that greets you as you step out of a lift onto your floor

 The stairs throughout the hotel

The nativity scene in the hotel reception 

 The hotel entrance  

And finally...

 Isn't this just the most idyllic scene ever?

May you all have a wonderful day and a really great time with family and friends in this holiday week.

Bless you all!



  1. Welcome home and back to reality huh. I have to "reboot" my phone several times a day to reconnect and sometimes it won't shut off but at least I can pop out the battery.

    Wow, that hotel is very impressive. Hope you got a chance to use the pool.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey home. Belated Merry Christmas.

  2. Welcome back, Jo... Sounds like you have had an experience with electricity/phone, etc.... Fun Fun!!!!!

    BUT--It also sounds like you had a wonderful holiday... Merry Christmas to you BELATED of course...We had a great Christmas. Hope 2013 is a great year for you and Grant.

  3. Hi Jo, great to read your blog again. The hotel is amazing. Would love to see your beautiful country, hopefully someday soon. Always enjoy reading your blog. Blessings for the New Year, Sheila

  4. You sure know where to stay in luxury! So gorgeous.

  5. Welcome back, Jo! I hope you had a very merry Christmas holiday! Looks like a beautiful place to stay and I love your photos, especially the last scene. Have a great day!

  6. Happy New Year Jo! Lovely to read your post and I see power outages still a regular occurrence in Dar! Where's this lovely hotel?

  7. We used to stay in Bahari Beach hotel where all the airline crews stayed in the 80/90s in Kunduchi

  8. Glad to have you back on line and it sounds like we are lucky to get you at all what with the power outages and having to use your pone as a modem. The hotel looks a beauty a great place for a stop over. Is the population mostly muslim? It is good to see that they don't mind celebrating Christmas too.

  9. What an adventure with your phone ! Can imagine that you got enerved !
    I have pictures of our Christmas on my blog today, it was a very nice Christmas !

  10. What a wonderful read, Jo! I could identify with all of your situation about the electricity...and also with the cell phone having a mind of it's own.

    I was asked to fly down to Dar a few days ago to escort a new couple - but had to decline due to doctor appointments, etc. Oh how I wish I had been free. Love the Sea Cliff.


  11. I'm so glad your phone came back to life. I guess it was only "mostly dead," as the line goes in "Princess Bride."

    The hotel where you and Grant stay is really lovely. I liked the reindeer decoration with lights on it in the hallway. The scene with the pool in it is just gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful 2013.


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