Monday, May 26, 2014

Quali Family Time

On holiday this past month, we popped in and visited John and Debbie in the Drakensberg. I book a cottage which we use every time we're in the Berg. We arrive, unpack the groceries and our luggage and then John, Debbie and children arrive from their home on the hill, not far from this cottage. 

As a granny, I normally convince granddad to let me bring gifts to the children. For the little girls, Eryn and Bethany, I had toiletry bags filled with linen handkerchiefs which I bought in Marquard, and all the sample toiletries which I collect on our travels.  
 Eryn and Bethany inspect their toiletries

Little Israel took his toy car and played with it for the rest of the day! 

Later that evening Grant made the maize porridge (a firm favorite with a braai/BBQ), Rina made a tomato and onion stew on the stove while John and Debbie BBQ's the meat outside. It fascinated me to see two-year-old Israel still playing with his blue car and how Eryn switched off completely to read a book on the corner of the sofa.
Granddad Grant makes the porridge while he, Bethany and Elijah sang Incy-Wincy-Spider; Row-row-your-boat and many more! Little Israel played with his car while Eryn read her story book
All the children around the breakfast bar with mom Debbie 

Then as always, I, as granny, requested that we have a family photo. Debbie didn't want to be in the picture and offered to take it. We started to round up children, called John away from loading his vehicle, and found Rina tidying up the kitchen and eventually we were ready. Debbie didn't want us to look into the sun but although we changed locations after the first few photos, we just seemed to move a little to the right and still faced the sun! 
 Granddad and the first three grandchildren were ready and waiting (albeit squinting into the sun!) 
 John, Jo and Grant; Joshua, Eryn and Rina holding Israel. Standing in front are Elijah and Bethany (Photo credit: Debbie Hedges)
Moving the group around a little we still had the sun in our eyes and Israel showed his discontent and not being able to push his car on the ground! (And the normally quiet Joshua is showing his boredom! )

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am fully back into camp life (thank goodness; this time it took me a week to recover from my travels!) and hope to be very visible on Blogger ! 


  1. Wonderful, fun captures of your beautiful family, Jo!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Hope you have a great new week!!

  2. Wonderful family/friend photos! I love the photo of the girls going through their toiletries. Girls will be girls ;-)

  3. JO, wonderful family photos! I am glad you enjoyed the family visit and have recovered from your trip.. Have a happy week ahead!

  4. Jo - where's the new baby in that family photo? Was it before the birth?

  5. Jo - where's the new baby in that family photo? Was it before the birth?

  6. Hello There, We just got home from a great week--which was a terrific 'healing' experience for me --as I recover from gallbladder surgery followed by that wicked infection... You'll have to check out my blog post today (if you haven't done so yet).

    Looks like you all had a fantastic 'holiday' with family/friends... I cannot believe that already large family had another baby... Gorgeous children--all of them.

  7. What a nice family picture ! Your cottage looks very comfy !

  8. Great family shots, even squinting into the sun.

  9. What a great tradition! Wonderful family time and wonderful photos to remember the trip.

  10. I really don't know how they do it with all the kids


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