Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ubiquitous seawater collecting

On our February holiday in South Africa and on the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast, I photographed Grant collecting seawater in a large container. We always do this for our Marquard house-lady, Emily who has never seen the sea and always requests that we bring back seawater for her. People drink this seawater for many reasons and to read more about it, please click on my post here. (Be sure to check the link within this post)

We'd already packed the car, locked up our chalet and dropped the key at the Parks Board reception when Grant walked down to the sea's edge to collect the ubiquitous seawater! As he reminds me every time he does this job, it's not an easy one. But as I watch from higher up on the beach, it looks quite simple; and of course I take photos! 
  The first couple of scoops half-fills the container with seawater

A couple of deeper scoops digs into the sand (this is very important!) adds roughage topped with  more water to fill the five-liter container 
 Finally Grant walks back up the beach with Emily's seawater. I love the way the container reflects in the waves on the shore

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  1. Shalom Jo. I like your photos here--a very different kind of story.
    I watched the linked-to video. Something I've never heard of, this sea water drinking!

  2. So interesting and very different indeed!! I've never heard of this sea water drinking either!! Thanks as always for sharing, Jo!! Hope your weekend is going well!

  3. Cool serie ! It makes me want to go on a seashore to walk in the water...

  4. It really looks very easy, maybe Grant is afraid of water :) How nice of you to bring the water for Emily !

  5. Its wonderful that you take water back for her every time. Hopefully she will get to see the sea one day


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