Thursday, May 29, 2014

Short holiday at Cape Vidal

Having posted about various birding and wildlife outings at Cape Vidal, I want to post a little about actually being at the beach for two beautiful days.

Cape Vidal has pristine beaches and when the weather is good, as it was while we were there, it is really stunning!

While we walked along the beach, Rina's mobile rang and she answered it. While she talked to her caller, she suddenly - using her foot - started to draw a circle, then another and then another in the sand. No sooner had she added the rectangle and the half-moon at the end, and a two couples of semi-retirees arrived on the scene. Exclaiming that the blocks were far too wide, each of the two ladies took turns hopping through the pattern. Then their men did the same.  Much laughter, wheezing and spluttering followed. Then us and them, total strangers, wished each other well and said goodbye!
The men enjoyed hopping along to a childhood game almost forgotten!
Grant, who'd never heard of the game Hopscotch (where DID you grow up, darling?), took his turn at hopping along without touching the lines! Rina was telling whoever had phoned her that people passing by were enjoying the game she had inadvertently created on the beach!
No seaside holiday would be complete without a photo of two grannies sunning on the beach

I hope you're all having the greatest week ever!


  1. So that's where you are.
    Don't be surprised if you have strange e-mails from me. We are definitely not going with the McGill Alums, but we just might maybe make it to Africa, if we can get tickets with one of the airlines who take only 25 hours from western Canada to East Africa. And there are some interesting tours on the Vacations to Go website.
    Thinking, thinking. I absolutely cannot take 50 hours to get to Arusha. I would be a dead body, and completely unable to hug my cat-nephews once we made it from there to Mwadui.
    But we're contemplating the possibilities.
    Luv, K

  2. Oh I did love playing hopscotch on the pavement when I was a young girl so I am glad the boys enjoyed it. Lovely beach scenes.

  3. Never heard of hopscotch? Noooooo..........

  4. That's funny, I used to play this game too ! Would have loved to see the men hopping around, lol !

  5. Hello JO, I grew up playing hopscotch. we had fun, never played it on the beach though.. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy day!

  6. I can honestly say I have not even SEEN a hopscotch pattern in ages, let alone played it.

    Loved the beach fun you shared.

  7. A fun post! I've never seen grown men play hop scotch!

  8. What a great beach game. Haven't played Hop Scotch in decades. Maybe the next beach I hit. Lovely ladies on the beach.


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