Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Israel

Today is the second birthday of our grandson, Israel. Until a month ago when his baby sister arrived, Israel was the baby of the Hedges grands. Israel is the fifth of John and Debbie's six children. He is well-adjusted, cheerful, highly intelligent and of course, the most beautiful little boy in the world. (I'm his gran, OK?)

The last holidays when we spent time with Debbie, John and their children, we noticed how little Israel just amuses himself - for ages - while everyone else gets on with life.

He was only months old when he traveled by landcruiser with his parents and siblings to Mozambique. He spent most of his first two years with his family in Mozambique until his mum returned to their home in the Drakensberg to give birth to his little sister, Keren.

 Israel Hedges, who turns two today! 
 Israel with older brothers, Joshua (almost eight) and Elijah, who is four

We love you, darling boy. 



  1. Happy Birthday to Israel.. He's a cutie... And now he's NOT the baby in the family...

    I know you are proud of that growing family.


  2. And a very Happy Birthday to Israel from Portland!! Such a handsome young man!! Thanks for sharing the celebration, Jo!!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet thing. I know your gran loves you very much, and I think I can see why!
    Love, Kay and Lindy

  4. Happy Birthday to your grandson, Israel! He is a cutie!

    Have a happy day, JO!

  5. What a cute boy!!!
    Congratulations to rhe lucky grandma!


  6. Happy birthday to little Israel ! I know a little boy who as as cute as he, I am also a grandma, lol !

  7. How so very precious!!! Love all the beautiful blond locks too.

    Happy birthday to Israel.

  8. Happy Birthday to Israel!


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