Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm fed-up!

With myself, that is... 

Since Monday evening I have had a dull headache. One of those pains that you know it's no use taking a painkiller to alleviate. I had a restless night, awaking at 1am on Tuesday with the same headache. 

Even though I felt lethargic and out of sorts on Tuesday I still went to pottery. Can't miss the togetherness and camaraderie of the other ladies on site. However, I made a total mess of the item I was painting (more about this in a future post) and left the studio by 10.30; this is half an hour earlier than normal.

On Wednesday morning at 6.45, I met friend, Marita at the corner of the street and we power-walked up the road on our 6.5km round trip through town that we do every second day. On the home stretch I started to feel quite weak but made it home without mentioning how I felt. (I never talk about being/ feeling ill!)  I took a shower and as I still didn't feel any better, I asked, William the company driver to take me to the hospital.

Fortunately my doctor arrived soon after I'd collected my file from the reception office and he sent me off to the laboratory for a malaria test.  Robert, the lab technician took a swab of blood with a prick to my finger and asked me to wait in the corridor. I had my Kindle with me and proceeded to settle down for a 45-minute wait. 

Exactly three-quarters-of-an-hour after Robert had drawn blood from my finger, he called me into his laboratory again. He said that I had several malarial parasites in my bloodstream. I asked if I could see them under the microscope, and this is what I saw...
 Malaria parasites (similar to what's in my bloodstream at the moment) seen under microscope (Image: Google)
The doctor prescribed anti-malarial medication and Panadol for the next three days and I believe that I should feel better by Friday 

Meanwhile I was hoping to get back to the pottery studio this morning but will probably have to forfeit my outing until I am well again. 

I 've made several items since returning from leave last month, one being a mobile which I hope will survive the initial air travel between East and South Africa,  and the subsequent bike trip down to the Cape. It's a gift for my friend, Lesley to display in her beach house on the Breede River. 
 Once suspended on fishing line, the lighthouse, eight fish and ship's wheel should look quite good in a beach house! 
 Above are three of the larger items which I made since returning to site a month ago. I have several items waiting to be bisqued and which I will paint afterwards 

Here's wishing you all a great Thursday!     


  1. Take care of yourself, Jo. You have some beautiful projects, but they'll wait for you!!

  2. Aw Jo, I'm so sorry that you have malaria, again! It is so frustrating for you I'm sure. But the good news is that you have it in a country where they know how to treat you. Thank God for that.

    The pottery you've done looks amazing. I'm sure all the pieces will be well appreciated. By the way, the microscope image of the parasites looks like a nice painting. But in the blood, not so good :-0

  3. Poor you! I hope you feel better soon. I guess when you are a normally healthy person, we have no patients with ourselves when we feel sick.

  4. Oh, Jo! I can't believe you have malaria again. I don't blame you for being "fed up!" I keep worrying about you, ya know! Please take it easy and do whatever it takes to stay well! Your pottery painting is beautiful! You have so many talents! I apologize again for not stopping by lately. I'm trying to catch up...and believe it or not...I'm still reading your articles you sent me! Big hugs, Jo!

  5. Sometimes we forget you live is a potentially dangerous place

  6. Oh no, not again. Look after yourself and get better soon

  7. Jo, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I am glad you caught it quickly and have the medicine to take.. Your pottery is beautiful, the mobile for the beach house is a lovely gift for your friend.. Take care, have a great day!

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog.. I read this post and thought where would she get Malaria, then I read your profile to see where you live... i enjoyed all the info in the profile and finding out about you... I am Florida USA...hope the meds work quickly and your creations are beautiful.

  9. Just catching up and hoping you are feeling better by now. Your pottery work just keeps getting better.


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