Monday, June 16, 2014

Ginger's improved mood!

I thought I'd give a clearer explanation of Ambrose' post about the kitty travel cages this morning. (And an update on Ginger's mood!) 

When I sent my friend Rina's cats out to South Africa, I had to use two of our cats' travel cages. Recently Grant sourced a wonderful pet requirement company, Petsville, right here (well, 1000kms away, LOL) in Dar es Salaam. When Johan (plant manager) went out on leave a few weeks ago, he took money from me to give to our company driver, Mohamed in Dar. Mohamed then dropped the money off at Petsville and they subsequently shipped out three cages to Mwanza. Grant's agent, Ali  in Mwanza collected the huge box (containing three cat travel cages) at the bus depot. The Area Plant Manager, Farouck, was on his way to visit our site, so Ali placed the box in his vehicle. It arrived safely at my door on Thursday morning! 

So you can see; it's quite a [company management] team effort to accommodate the Hedges Kitties. 

These cages are merely here for the day when we eventually leave site and return to South Africa, which is hopefully three years hence. I don't need them for anything else as the vet visits the house to administer the cats' annual inoculations.

As for Ginger's mood: earlier this week, he woke up in his spot between my and Grant's pillows on our bed,  and growled at Shadow (this is normal) and Ambrose (this is not normal) as they passed the bed.  Then he spent the next two days sleeping on his dad's towel on the cupboard...

 Just leave me alone!

Okay! (See, my towel is marked with "G". Oh is that dad's name?)
...and sitting on the windowsill in his dad's bathroom. (Alternatively growling at Shadow and Ambrose who dared to walk through the bathroom and the dogs in the garden who dared to walk past this corner of the house)

Then suddenly on Friday morning I saw him chase Ambrose across the diningroom floor and rumble him to the floor. He was playing! 

The mood has dissipated.

It must have been a man thing...

And then I managed to capture a very serene old cat in the reflection of my water glass

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  1. wonderful photographs

    Sometimes we take the simplest things for granted.

  2. Wonderful, Jo, I'm so glad Ginger's feeling better.
    And he does have the same initial as Grant, so it was just a misunderstanding!
    We've been busy and haven't returned to the subject of Travels Very Far Away yet. Time will tell.
    I love your header photos. Imagine Gattina doing that. She is very talented!
    All the best to everyone at your house.
    Love, K

  3. Cats are so mysterious and entertaining at the same time.

  4. Hi Jo, thanks for explaining the cages. I happy that Ginger's mood has passed. Cute kitties and photos. Have a happy day!

  5. I think he missed his Daddy! They act out when they've had enough!Hahaaaa
    Glad Ginger's better!


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