Monday, June 9, 2014


Over the past few weeks I've unwittingly captured some strange images. I decided that instead of always deleting them, I'd save them in a special folder for a later date. Today is one of those dates where I'd like to post about an Augur Buzzard which Grant and I saw and I subsequently photographed on many occasions. In fact we're seeing this regal raptor so often, that we refer to it as "our buzzard" ! 

Another reason why I want to show these images is the age-old argument of progress versus wildlife. I.e. in this case, mining and causing distress to the local wildlife and birds on the mine. 


Take a look! 
 Augur Buzzard perched on tree top near an earthmoving operation on the mine
 Augur Buzzard perched quite peacefully on a tree near wheel-loader and operator
 Once I started playing with the focus settings, I arrived at this image...
 ... and this one! 

To explain here about the machine in this post, I had to ask the expert/s. In my case it was Grant. He said a wheel-loader has a bucket on the end which DIGS into the earth, removing it and placing in a selected area. So my point is: with all this activity (and this is only one small part of an independent mine outside the diamond mining operations),  Grant and I regularly see birds, deer, reptiles and mammals all over the mine and in the bush surrounding the activities.  

Later this week, I'll post more about this Augur Buzzard and other birds and wildlife we've spotted since returning from our SA break. 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!



  1. I think the birds and other animals got used to these machines, they know that they would not harm them. We sometimes have those machines on building grounds and even cats sit on them when nobody is there. Arthur loves all kind of machines, I noticed that when they opened the street to repair tubes ! He took them for climbing trees.
    I am quite happy with the header ! It looks nice on your blog.

  2. It is really amazing that all that wildlife exists there with the mine. My experience is that here in Canada a lot of the wildlife is disappearing or having problems where there has been a lot of resource development. Either that or tensions arise between humans and animals since humans tend to want to move to animal habitat areas and animals have no where to go. Ah progress. I hope that we can all co-exist and that the animals always have somewhere to go. Hugs. xx

  3. Very unusual perspective to have it against the mining construction background

  4. Hi Jo, the buzzard must not mind all the activity around him..As long as there is food for the bird. I think it is neat you are able to see all this wildlife so close..Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. Glad you saved these...And shared with us...The bird must sense that no harm was on its way. I know God established a purpose on everything. Take care sister Jo. God bless.

  6. Beautiful bird, Jo... We have Buzzards here --but ours are different. Around our area, we have 'Turkey Buzzards'.... I took some photos once when we were in Arkansas.


  7. The critters get used to 'normal' noises. I know that I've ridden up the driveway, towards the house, on the lawn tractor and Bambi hasn't budged.
    'Oh, yes. It's that 2-legged one, again!' :-)


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