Thursday, November 27, 2014

Good fences, Good blogger!

I'm back on blogger after two days of searching for my own! Phew! Thanks to all who've helped me via e-mail. I've changed computers (more later about this beautiful new machine!). My son, Angus loaded my e-mails, Skype; I transferred all my zillions of photos and documents to an external hard drive. But I never thought I needed to know my username and password to log onto my own blog. Now I'm memorizing them both for future reference. 

A view of Dar Es Salaam Harbor from our hotel window

Pretty, isn't it?

We're finally back on site (those who know me, will also know that I LOVE returning home to Mwadui!) and had a wonderful reunion with our precious kitties and the pups.

Ginger dozes in the sun, after three weeks confinement inside the house! 
Shadow enjoys the sunshine and new grass 
Ambrose searches for any hapless lizards or bugs to pounce on !

As always, Regina and Mary looked after the cats very well. Ambrose has gained weight and is finally showing a certain maturity. Watch this space for when he posts on my blog over the weekend! Regina tells me that Ginger and Shadow got on very well while I was away. For those who missed my posts before I went on leave at the end of October, I was caught in the crossfire of a serious fight between these two male cats. The result was several nasty wounds on my calf. I'm fine now, BTW!

Then the reunion with the pups! Of course they've grown. And once they realized that I'd returned, they jumped up against the fence, clamoring to get out!
The pups at ten weeks! 
Princess proudly poses with her beautiful pups
Although they're weaned, the pups still try to suckle whenever they get a chance!

The pups explored every inch of our back garden on their first introduction to it!

Although the pups are of a mixed breed, and all have pointy faces, they are fat and healthy belying the fact that they're African dogs

Michael sits in the garden with me while Princess and her pups cavort all over the lawn
Back in their enclosure, the pups recharge their batteries for the next outing. Michael and I take them out for a romp on the lawn at least four times a day!

The time is fast approaching for me home these pups. I'm still working on my darling husband, (who doesn't know it, but is a pushover when it comes to animals!) to keep two -  and not only one - pup.

Meanwhile I'm linking this post to Good Fences Thursday. I also wish you all a wonderful Thursday. It's become good for me now that I'm back on blogger again!


  1. Hello Jo, I am so happy to see you back blogging..Welcome home. I am sure your kitties and cute puppies all missed you dearly too. I would be cool if you are able to keep two of the puppies! I hope you time away was wonderful.. Have a happy day!

  2. welcome back! i know you're glad to be back with all your animals. the pups sure have grown! they do have that long, pointed face of their mother. :)

  3. so happy to see you back and to know you found your blog, i bet that was a scary thing. it would be for em. the cats look great the puppies are now dogs no puppies, well almost. they are so cute. i bet you had a lot of hugs and kisses when you got home... so glad you are home.. missed you and the pups

  4. HI Jo Wonderful to see you blog up and running. Now the Pups have really grown up. They are still adorable.

  5. Welcome back dear Jo! I'm glad to see you got the computer issues sorted. The pets are all looking wonderful and the puppies have really grown. They are all so cute. xx

  6. Lovely puppies Jo. So glad you have a new computer.My daughter stored all those log-in names in odd places on both my computer and iPhone so there is a possibility of back up.
    Such a pretty harbour and certainly good fences.

  7. Welcome Home and back to Blogland. Those puppies are barely pups any more they've grown so.

  8. Welcome back. The cats are adorable but I'm sorry to hear you got caught in between a cat fight, not a pretty thing. It was good to see the pups again, they have certainly grown.

  9. I can't believe it ! The puppies became little dogs ! what a pack of hounds, lol !


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