Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mum's gone - again!

Hi Lindy, Aunty Kay and all mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and mum's gone! But we're not worried; our comfortable kitty day bed, cat tree and any other place in the house is still here. Regina is here too to look after us. 

And... the pups are still here, so they didn't go along with mum!

While mum packed on Friday, I must have been asleep; but Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow were interested in her suitcase.
Unca Shadow in the case while Dad Ginger watches from the dining room
Later Dad Ginger inspects the case 

As always, I wish you all a purrrfect day and see you when Mum gets back home! 


  1. Now I hope all you cats will behave while your Mum is on holidays!!!

  2. Hi Ambrose, I am sure you will be well cared for while your Mum is away.. have a happy week!

  3. I am sure you will purrfectly good and purrfectly cared for while Mum is away

  4. Awww, thanks for writing to us! :)

  5. I'm sure you guys would hide in mom's bag if you could

  6. Be safe on your travels!!

  7. You be good while mum is away.

  8. The kitties must miss you. This reminds me of Daisy when we leave her behind. She's always so very pleased when we get home!


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