Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Have I said something...

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't been too active on my blog during November. However, I did post quite a long (and I thought, interesting - lol) post on Sunday.

And another this morning.

Yet, no comments.

Is it something I said?


Seriously though; since I started blogging six years ago, I have never published a post and not heard from the readers. 

I've checked my comment settings and nothing has changed since I last had comments. Can anyone help?



And just to add something cute, here is a pic of the youngest Hedges ...

 Keren-Happuch who is six months old today


  1. Now I must look to see if I saw Sundays' post bit certainly these last 2 I have seen and commented on. this shot is beautiful.

  2. Jo dear, I am sure you are not being boycotted. I just feel that a lot of people are busy with other things at this season. Apart from that, those of us who have been blogging for more than 5 years or more feel we need a bit of a break. I noticed with myself, there is just so much I have to blog about since I seldom get away from home and the time it takes me to water the garden leaves little time for commenting and visiting.
    Please don't lose heart, there just is an occasional lull.

  3. Ahhhh, what an adorable baby. Not sure why about your comments. Sometimes blogger can stop people from commenting. It happened to me once. Have a great day!

  4. adorable baby... thanks for letting us know and you never ever say anything that would hurt our feelings..

  5. I think Arija is right and that we all have occasional lulls. I do love the pic of youngest in your family!! Adorable!!

  6. I usually read but don't always post. Can't say that I saw wither of the two earlier posts. I thought you were just busy with visiting. Cute babe. Going to see my single granddaughter this weekend in NH.

  7. Ah---sweet baby... Love those eyes. I know you are so happy to be on 'holiday' so that you can see those grandchildren.

    I have been busy and haven't blogged much lately. I'll check back at some of your older posts.


  8. I got a message of no such post the last one I looked at so there's a problem somewhere.
    You have the most adorable grandchildren.
    Hope you try posting again soon.

  9. Dear Jo, In my case, I wait to see a new post in Bloglovin' from you. None has appeared since the last time I commented. that has probably happened to others too. Nice to see a post from you again. I gather you've been having a busy time. Hugs. Joyful xx

  10. Adorable baby! I enjoyed all the pictures of birds, pets and family in the previous two post also. :)

  11. Poor baby ! What a name he has to live with !


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