Saturday, November 1, 2014

Last Critter Party till we return

As this post is aired this morning, we'll be at the Mwanza airport checking our luggage onto the domestic flight to Dar Es Salaam. 

At 2.45 this afternoon we board the SA Airways to Johannesburg. Landing in Johannesburg at around 6.30 pm, we collect our luggage, and catch the shuttle to our regular overnight hotel. 

Tomorrow morning we take the first domestic flight to Bloemfontein where  we'll be met by our precious family and dear friend, Rina. A 160km road trip from the city to our home town of Marquard where we'll be greeted enthusiastically by the dogs and cats and then our holiday proper will begin. 

Meanwhile, I've joined Eileen's Saturday Critter Party while we're in transit!  

Earlier this week Grant and I were in Mwanza. He had his bridge fitted at the dentist. Afterwards we did our shopping at the supermarket and then it was time for lunch at Malaika Beach Resort on Lake Victoria. Of course, as always I wandered around with my camera and took photos of interesting critters and scenes.
 Common Sandpiper
Cormorants fishing 
 Lizard basking in the sun
The beautiful gardens on the lake shore at the hotel

 Isn't it pretty?

As usual on the way home Grant and I spotted many birds. And of course we didn't stop but an hour before our town, we saw a few donkeys with their young. Frank, our driver pulled over so that I could get a photo of the smallest donkey we have ever seen.
 Mama donkey and her very tiny foal

And finally a look at our pups we've left behind in Mwadui! They're in exceptionally good hands, as I said in yesterday's post, so I'm not concerned; I'm just going to miss them! 
 Princess and one of her little girls



  1. That baby donkey looks like a toy. The views beside the lake are beautiful as are the flowers. Have a lovely holiday and your babies are in safe hands.

  2. adorable donkey and baby! cute lizard, too!

  3. Beautiful hotel grounds. How refreshing it must be to lodge by the lake in these beautiful surroundings before you make the long journey home. I think that is the cutest little donkey and so mall too. Princess and her little pup are adorable also. Enjoy your furlough, Jo. Safe travels. Big hugs. xx

  4. Have a good flight ! Princess and her girl is adorable !

  5. From where I sit, your ten weeks duty seems to fly past quickly. Enjoy your break, take lots of pic.

  6. The little donkey is almost as cute as the pups.

  7. hello Jo, I enjoyed this post. the scenery and gardens are lovely. the birds are wonderful. Love the cormorants fishing..The lizard is cool. And Princess and her pup are both so cute.. A great critter post..Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party. BTW, I can link you up if you are not able to while in travel.. Have a great time..

  8. such a beautiful spot to be, and that little donkey is beyond precious.. careful he might OUT cute the pups... NOT a chance..

  9. Great collection of critter shots.
    Happy holidays to you!

  10. Great critter shots! Love doggies and the donkeys!

    happy weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. The cormorant fishing is a good shot - and that really is a very small donkey!


    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Awww, Princess reminds me of Vern!


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