Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Moon gazing in our street

On Saturday evening I photographed and posted the full (super) moon on Face Book. On Sunday evening I convinced Grant and Rina to come into the street with me and wait for the moon to rise over the golf course - just two doors down from our house. 

The best vantage point was from our neighbor's driveway. Fortunately our neighbors were out at the time! 

The view down the street to the golf course. The lights in the center belong to the town's power station; the lights on the left are the neighbor's front veranda lights! 
Three senior citizens camping on the neighbor's driveway waiting for the moon to rise!

We were far to early. 

Several cars were returning to their homes in our street or going home from visiting people in our neighborhood. As the headlights blinded us, the car would slow down, and then turn drive off quickly. One of our neighbors passed us and turned in at his property. (I posted about him and his dogs - and doggy bars - last week) About five minutes later the same vehicle came driving down the street from behind us again, slowing down to get a good look at us, and then drove past, entering their property again! He clearly thought we were loiters who were "up to no good" LOL!

Then our neighbors returned, activating their garage door by remote control while still driving past our property behind us. As they entered their garage, I hear a young voice say: "what are Granny and Granddad doing, mommy?" and their mom saying: "they're watching the moon!" 

As the car stopped inside their garage, two children jumped out and ran to join us! 
Two young moon gazers join their grandparents on the sidewalk! 
Finally... the moon! 

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To all my blogger friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Spring! 


  1. It was a pretty moon. And LOL at your previous dog post - dogs aren't always the quickest to figure something out, at least not mine!

  2. Awesome captures of not only the moon, but everyone sharing a great evening!!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty, Jo!! Hope you have great week!!

  3. I love the story today and finally then seeing the gorgeous Moon images.

  4. Hello Jo, great post and beautiful moon shots. I love the cute little moon watchers. Have a happy day!

  5. I knew there as a Super Moon but then forgot all about it. I believe there's another one later in September? If so, thanks for reminding me Jo. Don't we do some daft things, often for our grandkids?

  6. ;-) I took a photo of the same Super Moon as well - just from a different angle of view: Germany!


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