Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scavenger photo hunt Sunday

My blogger friend and fellow-birder, Margaret,  shared new meme link with me. You're given five words and you have to take photos expressing these. I had great fun preparing for this post. 

Here is my interpretation of the words.

Our five-month-old Labrador pup, Skabenga loves to lie near his yoomen

The afternoon shadows play across our patio and driveway

A solitary bare tree 

The waxing gibbous moon earlier this week, high in the sky

I used the Creative Shot function on my camera. I liked the vibrant - yet moody - colors of this image

Please pop over and check out Scavenger Photo Hunt Sunday here

Happy Sunday to you all! 


  1. perfect fit on all photo words... love the LOVE of course best of all

  2. Hello Jo, great collection of images for your photo hunt. I thik Skabenga is my favorite and I like the shadow shot. The moon is awesome too. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. HI Jo well done and glad you joined in with the scavenger hunt.I am just hoe from the weekend on Copeland Islamd so no blogging this weekend!! Now your link does go thrrough to the site but to last weeks so perehaps you should put on this link -
    If you look at what other people put on, most only put on one, of course I have to be different!!!! Ashley, the girl who runs the meme only ever puts on one shot. NowI thinkyour enteries are great. of course I love the pup and the Moon shot is wonderful. All shotsillustrate the words well. Now have you loked at next weeks words? They are at the very end of the post. Just in case you did not see them, they are 1. Cooking Utensils
    2. Stairs
    3. Weather
    4. New
    5. Part of

    NOw let'ssee what we can come up with. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Joo Me again, you have not linked in to the Scaavenger Hunt Site yet. Look for the small blue box on left hand side. click it and you wil see where to link in, then you can view all the other's posts. Hope that helps.

  5. The first photo of the dog is adorable!

  6. I adore the pup and the truck!


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