Monday, September 28, 2015

Rugby World Cup II

Rugby World Cup is still on -  of course.

And this weekend the Springboks (SA rugby) teem had a chance to redeem themselves after last weekend's ignominious  defeat against Japan. 

The past week, the newspapers, the weekly magazines, the TV talk shows and the radio  programs were dominated by supporters giving vent to their disappointment in their team. The main moan was the many of the players were too old to play world cup rugby.

The coach made significant changes to the team during the week...

So all eyes were on the screen on Saturday night when the Springboks took on Samoa. 
  The Samoa HAKA to intimidate the Springboks 
The Springboks while the Samoans did their HAKA 
Within the first 15 minutes, JP Pietersen, (winger) intercepted a pass between the Samoans and pumped it up to the line to score his first of three tries

The SA supporters in the stands in the UK were ecstatic

The Springbok suppporters in our TV lounge in South Africa were ecstatic!
 So much so that the poor pup started hyperventilating because of the  excited screams and cheers by his yoomens
The SA coach who was persona non-grata after last week's defeat, and the butt of jokes on FB within minutes after the game, looks a lot less stressed this week
 One of the changes the coach made was to bring in the young blood (eight changes from last week) during the second half of the game. Raised in the air, is  the replacement for Victor Mattfield, our oldest player, a lock and the best line-out man in the business . The replacement lock came up trumps in the line-out and the result was another try by JPP Pietersen. 
Second try by JP
The crowds go mad in the stands

As do the SA supporters in our TV lounge!
 The Guard Dog ended up on the sofa between his two mamas 

After full-time JP scored his third try. We thought this was IT! The Brian Habana scooped up the ball and made for the try line. 
Brian Habana, who is one of the fastest land mammals on earth clinched the deal for the Springboks to win hands down! 

So the "Boks" are back in favor with their fans; they're top of the log in Pool B and we have great hopes for our rugby team for this Rugby World Cup.  

Happy Monday to you all! 


  1. Well done to the SA Team! It looks as if the many changes made by the coach did the trick. Poor Skabenga. He was so frightened. I hope now he will be used to the noise factor during important future matches, lol. He does look like he is getting very large.

  2. Hi Jo Although i do not follow the rugby if I am at friends are they are watching I am a VERY excited supporter of the teamI have picked to suppost. You could hear me on the other side of the globe. Probably better I NEVER watch!!! Have a good week ahead.

  3. Hello Jo, congrats to the SA team. The changes with young blood seemed to help. I can just imagine Skabenga while all the cheering was happening. He is so cute! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. Some of my SA friends were almost too shocked to speak by the Japan result - I feel much the same about the England Wales result!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. love the guard dog between his two mommas and of course getting loved when hyperventilating. i just love dogs and Skabinga is so beautiful.looks like the family had a great time watching and cheering.

  6. Go Bokke!!! Can't wait for the Scotland game this weekend


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