Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend 12 Sept

I convinced Grant to take us on a trip to Ladybrand on Saturday morning. We're going to Ladybrand again tomorrow to leave the car at the panel beaters. (Remember Grant bumped the door against the driveway lamp post?) I'll be driving the car there, with Grant on the motorbike behind me; when I dropped the car, I'll hop onto the back of the bike and we'll ride back to Marquard. 

We need annual inoculations for our five cats and the two dogs. This was the reasoning behind my request to go to Ladybrand before we take the car! We have all the shots and Angus will help me administer them tomorrow night. Easier said than done, but this is how we do it every year - except this year we have the Tanzanian Trio to contend with. Mmm.

On the way back from Ladybrand, we stopped for a light meal at a farm stall.  Unbeknownst to us, a Vintage Car Club from all over the province and Kwa-Zulu Natal were destined to stop there as well. We sat outside in the sunny garden while the car enthusiasts sat indoors. We watched as the cars passed the main road in front of us and turned off onto the farm stall property. 

Rina and her late husband had been members of a car club so afterwards we strolled through the parked vehicles. Apart from the very old Citroen, I recognized these cars from my youth. Grant, of course, knew all the technical details and interesting tidbits from one or two! 
Before we went in, Rina and I posed in front of the first vintage car: a Citroen from the early 50's according to Grant

After our meal we came out to view the cars which we'd watched turning off into the farm stall parking lot.
Citroen Ford Fairlane and Volvo
Lancia Fulvia (yellow car) and MGB. Grant says he remember that Princess Anne owned a Lancia but I cannot find anything on Google to back up this statement !

Vintage Porsche and a Chevrolet (Grant wasn't sure of this model) 
Grant takes a closer look at the Ford Fairlane. We both remembered my uncle owning one of these

I remember Grant owning one of these: DKW in bottle green and cream. He'd bought it from his mum in the early 70's
Rover 90.  Grant waxed lyrical about this car; said it was one of the best cars in its time
Rover 90 and Studebaker Power Hawk
Studebaker Power Hawk
View of the robust rear of the Studebaker Power Hawk

I hope you've enjoyed my post about vintage cars! 

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Hello Jo, what a great collection of vintage cars. I like the MGB and the little yellow car. I like teh shot of you and Rina posing in front of the Citroen. Great post and images. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. what a lucky place to stop to eat, all those old beauties to admire... i don't envy you all those shots to be given. quite a job. we just take ours to the vet and get it done..

  3. Hi Jo I very much enjoyed this post. about 10 daysago I went to a car rally in an old MG and I had a fantastic day. Some day I hope to post the cars etc on my blog.

  4. HI JO Actually I forgot to tell you yesteay I did a post,, Scavenger Hunt Sunday and there were a couple of classic cars in that post if you wish to see them.

  5. I like these old cars ! Especially the huge once looking like boats ! I always remember the one of my aunt in the States, beautiful outside but not very comfortable inside ! The front seats were in one piece ! So my aunt who was short had set them to her size and Riccardo had his ears between his knees !


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