Thursday, November 24, 2016

Good fences. gate maintenance

Yesterday Grant rode up to the top pivot gate posts and did a repair. As he doesn't have his trusty assistant Jacob any longer, I am now the trusty assistant. 
Wires and posts not attached any longer, but lying on the grass

Tools and material loaded in the motorcycle luggage and off he goes
The dogs love being on the farm; I mean how many MORE walks can we fit into a day! 

Throughout all this activity, I was holding drill bits, tape measures, taking photos with my Smartphone and snapping away with the camera! I think I make a good assistant!

This  morning on our 5am walk, Eddie, Skabenga and I checked up to see if the chains were still in place. They were...

I'm linking to the LAST Good Fences meme today. Thanks to Theresa for hosting this interesing meme. I will miss you! 


  1. You look as if you make a good team and the countryside is looking lovely

  2. Fence repair is a continual job of work!!!
    Love the scenery too.

  3. Hello, great fence shots. It is nice to see pics of Skabenga and Eddie and your husband Grant. He is keeping busy!
    I will miss Tex! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  4. You are my kind of assistant.. the chains are beautiful brahaha.. love the pics of the hard working man with the beautiful assistant and wonderful canine friends to watch and wait. good job on the fence... I like those saddle bags as tool boxes to

  5. Beautiful countryside! I can see why the dogs would enjoy it!

  6. looks like a good job 'enjoyed' by all of you. what a wonderful place to live and work. bless you, jo, always.

  7. I see Eddie watering the post, maybe he thinks that it will grow ? Nice work in the full nature and fresh air, that's good for Grant ! I can imagine that your menagerie enjoys the new home very much !!

  8. You make a great assistant. Your dogs are definitely lucky, they get lots of exercise.

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