Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rufous-naped Lark (continued)

I posted about this Rufous-naped Lark last week -  I know...

However, on Friday while walking with the dogs to the field with the newly planted pecan nut trees, I heard this lark calling again. I turned around and located it. On a support post surrounding one of the pecan nut trees! 

I have several photos of this interesting lark with a video at the end. Excuse the vibrations: the wind was blowing and at the end, first Eddie - then Skabenga - came into the picture and frightened the bird away! 

The same bird with its crest flattened

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday here


  1. There are lots of to me strange birds around !

  2. I do like the lark family Jo. I think a lot of it is how they sit up there singing their hearts out in full view, just like your pictures.


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