Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hedges Kitties and Shop Kitty

Hi Bozo, this is Ambrose and we kitties are doing well. Today I have photos of us at home and also of the kitty at Mum's shop. She told me I shouldn't be jealous so  here is the little kitty as well,
 She's cute!
 Aunty Chappie on Mum's desk at home
 I think I, Ambrose, look cute too?
 Oi, Unca Shadow, what do you think? 
 I can't look now, Ambrose; I'm stalking Chappie (She isn't behind the chair, Unca Shadowbut up on Mum's desk - read my blog! )
 Dad Ginger watches us from his bed! 

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  1. Fine Felines! All of you.. at home and at work.... take care of your mom..

  2. Ambrose of course knows that whoever possesses the box rules the world.

  3. Too many cats would be barely enough.
    Thank you.

  4. The cute crew is at it again. Give a cat a box and they will know what to do. :)

  5. Does shop kitty ever get off the leash?


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