Saturday, March 17, 2018

Shop kitty

Earlier this week when I posted about our shop kitty, a blogger friend asked if she ever gets off leash, 

The answer is yes!

During the day she is on this long leash which is just looped over a rail which allows her quite a free range but should she get loose and race down the veranda as she's wont to do, I'm able to dash after her and step on the leash, which stops her in her tracks.

At night, however, she sleeps in Colette's shop among and on the hides, sans collar or leash. She has the run of the whole shop from 5pm until 8.45 am when Colette opens her shop.

At present two more half-grown kittens have arrived to share Missy's space. At first she growled and hissed and Mama Jo kept her on "this side" of the veranda. Today she's loose again and indoors with her new BFF. One kitty is a smokey grey and the other is ginger striped. The latter has climbed up on a walled ledge in the shop and fallen asleep there. Missy and the grey kitty have shared a meal together (served separately) and at the moment, are dashing all over the shop playing. 

The door is closed and customers know to enter so it's business as usual for Colette. With the added attraction of the cute kitties on view. 
 Hello Mama Jo, is this a good pose for your blog? (note her leash is free)
 One part of Colette's hide and nature shop
 This is where Missy Miscot hangs out at night and now is playing with her new kitty friend

Soon I'll post Missy and the grey kitty playing... 

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  1. I love cats!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello, Missy Miscot is a cutie. She is lucky to have you and Colette. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing this post. Also, thanks for the nice comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. So cute & innocent looking up at you like that! I'm sure they have so much fun playing!
    Happy weekend!

  4. what a lovely home/shop Missy has to play in. I would love to wander through this shop and yours, so many beautiful things and they are exotic to me, because i have never seen any of them before. all except for Missy, i have seen a few cats

  5. How exciting to have more kitties for the wonderful shop ~ great photos ~

    Happy Saturday to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. What a wonderful life for her...she looks like a happy cat!

  7. That looks like a beautiful shop. Missy is such a pretty cat.

  8. I love shops that have kitties in them. They make it seem so much friendlier.

  9. Nice to have store kitties to greet the customers.

  10. Lucky kitty. She has an awesome place to hang out. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  11. I bet she keeps an eye on things.
    Coffee is on

  12. You must be a cat whisperer. They all love you and Colette.


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