Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Said tongue in cheek! 

Yesterday we celebrated two of my granddaugher's birthdays: Eryn who turned 15 and Bethany who was born on Eryn's sixth birthday is now nine! 

I visited the family on the farm on Monday night and wished the girls. As I was leaving, John and Debbie invited me to a family breakfast at a local hotel in the Valley: The Drakensberg Sun. When I hesitated, John said if not, they'd have to "rent-a-granny" because they were only meeting with Debbie's parents today and it would be nice to have a grandparent present. 

 Gran and two birthday girls on Monday evening 

 I accepted their kind invitation and am I glad I did ! 
 The front entrance to the Drakensberg Sun Hotel nestling in between the trees

 As always: the majestic mountains above
 Eryn, a beautiful young woman already and her little sister, Bethany 
Granny with her precious grandchildren and Valentin

 Keren - Happuch aka Kezzy with Babes the juvenile Common Fiscal
 Breakfast is buffet style and the children enjoyed having waffles and whipped cream for a meal ! 

You can only wonder if anyone else has Happy Birthday sung in four different languages? We had the normal English version, then John, Debbie, Valentin and the children sang in Portuguese; after this I broke into the Afrikaans version which didn't get much applause. Then the hotel staff brought a birthday cake and while the birthday girls blew out the candles, they sang Happy Birthday in Zulu.

(No-one needed to wonder why this table seemed to get a lot of admiring and envious stares...)  
 The beautiful birthday cake baked in the hotel kitchen
 Kezzy chats to Babes while Erynh takes a bottle of crickets from her brother Joshua. 
Babe's had breakfast as well! 



  1. Happy belated birthday to Eryn and Bethany. They are lovely girls, you have a beautiful family. I am glad you could be there for the birthday breakfast. Have a happy day!

  2. what a happy post! i can feel the joy and happiness coming out of the photos. does Babes live in the hotel? or is it a personal pet. the photo of you and all the children is really beautiful. the girls dresses are so pretty and the older one is definitely not a child any longer but a beautiful young lady

  3. What a glorious day. Growing up without grannies (or indeed any relatives other than immediate family) I wish my parents HAD rented a grannie. Or two.

  4. What a great birthday breakfast and I'm glad granny was invited.

  5. So glad you went along grannie. Hard to believe how much all the children have grown.


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