Monday, January 18, 2021

Cute Critters and a dog in the grass!

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. The weather is very hot, 39 ° C every day since Christmas, and we have had daily summer storms and heavy rain. There were several days last week when Skabby and I didn't get out for our walk; the going was just too muddy. But in between and when I was off from the farm office, we managed to go out early in the morning.  The photos of the cows ambling along the road to their daily job of munching long juicy grass in the paddock above, were taken after the morning milking session.

Persistent baby has a drink on the hoof 
Skabby looking for a tidbit on the way, as well! 

The grass is lush and very long. I cannot get near the dam edge and managed to photograph Skabby with difficulty!

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  1. Those temperatures are truly dreadful. At least you are getting rain with it.
    Stay safe, stay cool.

  2. A lovely herd of cows Jo. Hope you are well, srat safe and have a great week ahead

  3. Hello Jo,

    Love your sweet Skabby. I am sorry to hear about the heavy rain and mud, that is not fun for your walks. The cows are so sweet. Great shot of the herd of cattle walking up the road. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great new week! PS, I appreciate the comment and visit.

  4. Great photos, Jo. I like seeing the cows just casually walking down the road. Skabby looks good and is curious looking for something to munch on. Take care and stay safe!

  5. I see you peeking through the grass sweet Skabina, and walking behind ALL those cows. that is quite a sight

  6. Too much or not enough for rainfall no matter where. Does make your area a nice lush green. Stay well.

  7. It's a nuisance when they introduce new versions of blogger. That is very hot. Take care.


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