Saturday, January 23, 2021

Fallen giant, little critter and White-faced Duck

 Hello dear Blogger friends. I trust you are all safe and keeping healthy. 

Here in South Africa the summer heat continues as do the summer rains. Right now we await the backlash as Cyclone Eloise hits landfall in Mozambique on the East Coast of South Africa. Today has been hot and sunny but as from Sunday heavy rains are forecast 

Two weeks ago we had strong winds followed by a downpour ; the roof of my office was damaged and water poured in down the walls. A tree in the top paddock, which provided shade for the cows,  that John, the 75 year-old-farmer remembers all his life, was buffeted by these winds, cracked and fell over. 

Majestic old giant felled in one swoop

These days Skabby and I go out early in the morning.  I wear an apron over my shorts as protection to keep me clean for work later on.

Skabby jumps into the water with great gusto every time ! 
Early morning sun over the dam
The flock of duck on the dam were  quite unperturbed  by Skabby cavorting in the water 
White-faced Whistling duck on the dam 
Very distinctive white face, overall dark color and barred flanks 
The mountains were particularly beautiful today  
Back home I photographed a praying mantis before going outside and removing it to the safety of a shrub in the garden

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  1. i love seeing Skabby in the water, he is sooooooooo beautiful. that tree is making me sad, it will take 100 years to grow another one and the poor cows have no shade. prayers that you will be safe from the backlash of the cyclone. we know all about those here in Florida. glad you are safe

  2. Hi Jo,
    that was a huge tree that got blown over. Mother Nature has the power to do that, thankfully no one was around or near it. It's always nice to see Skabby swimming in the water. Our dogs would have never enjoyed that, they didn't even care for rain. :) Have a nice weekend, take care and stay safe.

  3. Skabby had the right idea - and I love that the ducks accept his presence as natural.

  4. Hello Jo,
    I am sorry to hear about the roof leak and to see the downed tree. I love your views of the mountains and the early morning scene at the dam. The Whistling ducks are cute. I always love to see your sweet Skabby. I hope you stay safe from the cyclone. Take care, have a great new week!

  5. Ah, summertime for you, winter rain here. Bummer about the leaky roof.


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