Sunday, July 18, 2021

Farm critter and pets

Dear fellow Bloggers. On Tuesday evening a young family arrived at my holiday accommodation. There were returning from a visit to the Kruger National Park to their home in Hillcrest, Durban.  They stayed there until Friday morning while they arranged joining a convoy of vehicles leaving from the Central Drakensberg, via the N3 and side roads which were open. 

Thandi and I went in on Friday morning early to clean up. The guests left this note below...
A young family: dad, mum and two young boys

It was my oldest grandson's birthday on Monday, 12th July. He will tell his children and grandchildren that on his 15th birthday, the world as we know it, changed...

Back on the farm,  Skabby and I walk every day. 

Back home, I spotted Chappie perched on the edge of Skabbys plodging bowl. With the temps a low 13 degrees Celsius at midday, I held my breath...

And remember the kitties asleep  on the warm bed last week?
Well, they are still asleep on the warm bed. 
I snapped these happy kitties at 00h23 this morning. My feet are visible on the left! 

I'm linking to Saturday Critter with Eileen here

Thank you for you comments, concern and prayers for South Africa💔🙏


  1. Hello Jo,
    I hope things are calming down and more peaceful there. I saw some scenes on our national news. wonderful variety of critter photos, I always love seeing your sweet Skabby and your kitties. The Cows are beautiful too. Great critter post. You and your country will be in my prayers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate the comment too. Take care, have a happy day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.

  2. I really miss all the photos of your country that you used to post in the Olden Days before your world was turned upside down. these cow photos and the people in them are the type photos I miss. I am so sorry your country is in such turmoil and you do have my prayers for country and your safety. sweet Skabinga and Kitties are always welcome sights. that note is so sweet and i am thinking that is rare for someone to leave one like that

  3. Holding you and your country in my heart.

  4. The kitties are gorgeous.
    Please take care and know you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers Jo.
    Mary x

  5. What a cute photo of the kitties! Oh I LOVE all of those cows!!! I don't want to think of 13C right now lol...I'm happy melting in the humidity of 35!!! :)

  6. Wonderful photos, Jo. The cats sure know how to get their beauty sleep. :) Hoping things are better for you. Stay safe!

  7. It's so gratifying to get such lovely notes from your guests. I'm glad to see all the animals enjoying themselves. I hope you continue to be blessed in your coming and your going. Much love. xx

  8. Lovely farm pics and a nice note from travellers. So sad to see what's happening in SA. Stay safe.

  9. Glad you are safe and could provide a secure service. You are in my prayers.


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