Sunday, July 11, 2021

Regular walks on the farm

 Good afternoon dear Blogger friends. Covid has hit us with a vengeance this winter. To control the rising numbers of infections and deaths, the Government has once again, placed South Africa under Lockdown. But thank goodness this time, although Gauteng has been LOCKED into their province, the other parts of SA are still reasonably free to move around. So hospitality has been ongoing for me. Thandi and I have been up and down to The Bunker three times a week, cleaning after guests' check out and prepping for the next ones arriving. Hard work, but hey ho, we're not complaining.

Skabby and I continue to enjoy daily walks on the farm. This week, while he was plodging in the dam, and I was focusing my camera on the ducks on the opposite side, I spotted a movement - a small movement. I zoomed in and saw my first Three-banded plover since leaving Tanzania in 2015! 

Dumela, on herd duty with cows and calves going to the paddock after the afternoon milking 
Winter in the Drakensberg 

The "dry" cows, cooling their hooves in the dam. I love the peaceful scene

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  1. Parts of my country are in lockdown too. I am sure that your beautiful morning walks are both restorative and heart balm.

  2. Your last shot is very peaceful.

  3. Hello, Jo
    I love seeing your cute Skabby and the cows. The plover is an adorable bird. Congrats on your sighting! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and a happy new week! PS, I appreciate your comment!

  4. Hi dear Jo, lovely to see you posting again. Even if I don't comment I do read. I'm glad that lockdown has not impacted adversely on your business. Stay safe my friend.

  5. they are all peaceful scenes to me. I am happy to hear the pandemic is not effecting your hospitatlity

  6. Wow, the herd duty photo is absolutely beautiful. Skabby enjoy his daily swim, some things never change. :) Super photo of the Three-banded plover. Enjoy your week, Jo and take care.


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