Wednesday, July 14, 2021

It took five days...

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. I desist from posting images  (of the millions on the Internet and doing the WhatsApp rounds) to show exactly what is happening in South Africa. In the province of KwaZulu Natal. Violent protests erupted which lead to looting, burning and destroying major infrastructures such a main freeway linking Johannesburg to the harbor city of Durban.  Hundreds of malls, supply chains, warehouses and container yards were invaded, looted and then burnt to the ground. Total destruction. 

This isn't political blog. I won't be going into the reasons for this harrowing time of unrest in our beautiful country. See the Internet for more information.

What I will discuss is how quickly the food supplies have been depleted. How quickly the medical supplies are drying up. And the Covid vaccine drive which was gaining momentum has ground to a standstill. I have had my first jab at the end of May. My follow-up injection was due on Saturday 10 July. Well, it didn't happen. On Friday violent protests had erupted in the towns and we were cautioned not to travel. 

Law enforcement hasn't been equipped to deal with the crises. They have enlisted the help of civilians all over the province. This South African nation has come up trumps. The men are guarding and protecting residential areas and estates. They have barred the entrances to the last few remaining shopping centers and malls and, with the South African Police, are guarding them against looters. Only rubber bullets are used. 

I am on a WhatsApp group based in Durban. Seeing the men post that they are going on watch from 6pm till midnight and others returning home at 6am, reminds me of my youth in Rhodesia. There was unrest in 1960 and my dad and other young men from our small community would board a Landrover, armed to the teeth and head off to check on farmers in remote valleys and dales. I remember asking my Mum once why it was safe for Daddy to leave her and two small girls in a tiny village,  while he guarded other families. I don't remember her reply. 

Here on the farm, we have a young farmer from the neighborhood watch who parks his vehicle in our driveway at night and holds the fort. All other farms are also assisted in this manner and the entrance to the Valley is similarly guarded. We are still blessed; unlike the cities who need 24/7 protection. 

On a slightly lighter note; this morning I submitted an online shopping list to the local supermarket in town. The manager, Riaan phoned me and said: "Jo,  of all the items on your list, we have only two." I said "Riaan, I hope it's the cat pellets" He answered in the negative. An hour later Ronnie, my neighbor entered the supermarket after queuing down the street for 40minutes. Riaan rushed up to her and said: "I have two packets of cat pellets for Jo. Will you take them home for her!" So, bully for the kitties. They are sorted for a while.  

Please spare thought for us and help us pray that law and order will soon be restored in South Africa. That peace will reign. And that we will have the stamina to rebuild the already fragile economy after the mindless destruction of the land.



  1. Very sad news. I pray that this will all end soon and things can start getting sorted. Praying also for safety. xx

  2. I am so sorry.
    Please stay safe. As safe as you can.

  3. Hello Jo,
    Sending prayers for your country! I hope you stay safe and can find all the things you need. I hope you will be able to keep us updated. Take care, sending hugs!

  4. This breaks my heart to read about your country I have not seen it on our news but our news is full of almost every country in the world that is going through the same thing and I fear that our United States is so divided that we are in the same boat that you are in. We are fast coming to the place where we may need guards also our country is so evenly divided that brothers and sisters are not speaking to each other very similar to when we had Civil War back in 1860. Cuba Mexico Sweden France there's hardly a country that is not in an uproar that Canada also. Prayers for your country and 4 hours

  5. I am praying for you all.

  6. So sad to hear the sad news coming out of South Africa. I hope you stay safe and that the unrest settles soon. Bravo to those volunteers.

  7. I'm heartbroken reading all this dear Jo. Knew nothing prior to this post - but now on the TV news here. Pray you and your area are safe. Having been there three times I feel a kind of bond with the good people in those spectacular places, and I was privileged to visit and stay in Jo-Burg, and Mala Mala nr. Kruger.
    Take care, we are thinking and praying things will improve very soon. This world has gone haywire I'm afraid - none of us really feel safe anymore, anywhere.
    Hugs to you and the animals.
    Mary x

  8. Stay safe, Jo. Prayers for you all from Ireland!


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