Sunday, February 27, 2022

Amethyst Sunbird

Dear Blogger friends, once again I'm playing catch-up. Oh dear.

Thank you for your kind wishes and all the comments. I had a great two days with Aunt Gill and very successful Weigh-Less meetings in the two days in the city. The travel was a great challenge but I made it. And I feel I will be able to go again some time soon.

Two weeks ago at Parkrun, I managed to snap a sunbird busy on the red-hot pokers. These photos were taken from my vantage point as Parkrun Volunteer. I have just had my 50th stint as Volunteer. 

Amethyst Sunbird male 

While I was in the city, I manage to buy a charger ( I bought two) for a birding pen and book. This pen and the bird book had been given to me by a good friend, Rudi, who has since passed on. During 2015, I blogged regularly about Rudi's visits to our home in Marquard. 

A really nifty gadget which has awakened my desire to listen for bird calls in and around home

Many months ago, Ronnie asked if I knew where to get a charger for her pen which is identical to mine. You can imagine how thrilled she was when I brought her one home. You point the pen onto the image, and it delivers the exact call of that particular bird. 

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  1. Hello JO,
    Congrats on all your volunteering at the parkrun. The Sunbird is beautiful, lovely photos. The gadget for listening to the bird calls is neat. It feels good to be able to travel again. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy new week.

  2. That sounds a neat gadget and I love the photographs of this bird . Have a lovely week ahead

  3. What a cool gadget! lovely pics too!

  4. Thanks for the glimpse of the female and male of a species I will likely never see in person.And the gadget you bought for yourself and one for your friend is amazing!

  5. The Sunbird shots are amazing and that pen and book are an awesome idea.

  6. Never heard of that gadget but it seems amazing. Like your captures of the Amethyst Sunbird, a very nice looking bird.


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